atomic elroy
Since 2003
Works in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States of America

Atomic Elroy is a time based media artist working in video installation and performance, and a combination of all three. Elroy considers himself an Art Humorist using a self mocking approach to all artistic values and standards. Never quite knowing if he is involved in self parody, or just frustrated with the art worlds pedantic nature, he always goes for the humor
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pop culture's rap


name is Pop Culture,
I ain't no vulture
what I'm gonna tell ya,
I'm really gonna sell ya
its my mission
to plant suspicion
that you ain't hip ,
don't gimmie your lip
ya wanna be cool
an no bodies fool
ya want the truth
I got the proof
you just swallow
what i tell ya to follow
your insecure
I'll say... for sure.
Ya don't really know
which way to go
so you look to me
for what to be
but what I say
can change each day
so if ya gotta passion
for following the fashion
I'll plant the seed
for what you don't really need.

Clothes and sneakers
Stereo Speakers.
Brand new CD
Color TV
slinkies, hula hoops
frisbees, fruit loops
and not just things, like diamond rings
I make you Groovy with your little goatee
now its the style,but I change it in a while
I make yall feel good
if ya in my hood
I can make you feel, like you ain't real
so if you want an earring or a tattoo
I'm gonna tell ya what to do
you and your hip fashion your


Re: pictures without a video

Jessica Loseby wrote:

> today I ran over a inch and a half spike while looking for birthday
> presents in
> woolworths. ....... (see previous)

atomicelroy says:
and yet with words alone you painted a picture, that some could say transends a visual representation.

say cheese!


TAKING CREDIT ( text from video)


I sometimes have a hard time taking credit for my work.

On the other hand, I have NO PROBLEM appropriating other people's work into my own, being extremely derivative, or out-and-out stealing others' ideas. I used to justify this behavior as being POST MODERN.

I especially did this when I was working in a group or a collective.
This is an area where ownership of concepts is murky at best. Who's to
say that the ideas from a group "BRAIN STORMING" environment are
completely the possession of one individual?

That concept worked fine for me until some other artist RIPPED ME OFF! I realized that this was KARMA. I began to work alone, so as to avoid the temptation of USURPING OWNERSHIP of others' ideas.

Working in this way, I began to realize that most ideas are not NEW. They may be unique to that individual, but most things are DERIVATIVE in some sense.

So now I have realized that the importance of ownership of art is blown OUT OF PROPORTION anyway. What I do is . . . what I do. If someone else did the same thing 3, 30, or 300 years ago, so be it. If most people are so uneducated that they don't know that I'm ripping off Andy Warhol or Marcel Duchamp,

Does the name
mean anything to you?

copywrite 2002
chaos studio


interstate zero exit# 5 DogZen


I am Deepthroat Porkchop, only living master of the ancient philosophy of DogZen. People do ask me how I became so balanced and cool, calm and collected. Do I spend hours a day practicing Tai Chi, or Yoga? NO. Do I spend most of my free time in DogZen meditation, No. What I do is very simple I use this revolutionary product, CHI-WHIZ.
Do you need balance in you life? Try new and improved CHI-WIZ. It restores balance in every situation instantly! Just spray it on and you smell a hint of lavender. In a few seconds you will feel all blocked energy in your body released, instantly restoring your inner balance. How, you may ask? (laugh) Using ancient DogZen secrets developed by the most famous DogZen scientist me, Deepthroat Porkchop.
So now perfect inner balance is just a spray away With CHI-WHIZ.
This rig is busted, Your Chakra is out of alinement, The Kundelini is constricted, looks like your gonna need a estenga flush.
Hey cats and kittens, I am the Beatnik Doctor. What is a Beatnik Doctor? Well the easiest way to explain is I'm a Karma Mechanic. I've been called here on a repair call by the Art Police. Wow haven't been down The Zero in a while. Well the Doctor is IN! I'll have you fixed up and on the road in no time.
Now we have to examine you to see what your MEDIA CLONE FACTOR is. You know that being MEDIA CLONE is like having a disease. A Sociological disease. It causes you to have limited reactions to all situations. It's other symptoms are: dressing like everyone else. Speaking like everyone else, behaving like everyone else. Other symptoms of being MEDIA CLONE are: Judging people on their appearance, disregarding your intelligence, and a very high susceptibility to peer pressure.
The art Police said that their seems to be a local epidemic here, almost a plague. The most prevailing symptom is, an obsession with other's opinions of yourself. Being MEDIA CLONE usually leads to a lack of original thought process. Which eventually leads to inability to separate oneself from commercial culture, which eventually leads to complacency, and then the final and most horrid stage of the disease. Loss of individuality , and lack of unique identity.
This disease is not that easy to diagnose, prevent or cure. It sneaks up on you. So let's ask a few questions, Do you watch more than 2 hrs. Of Television a day? Have you ever taken a magazine into a barber or Beauty salon and ask the stylist to cut your hair like some one in the magazine? Have you ever dressed like a character in a movie, and it wasn't a costume party?
The ancient DogZen masters did come up with a cure for this ailment. You if you can, stay at home, for 48 hours. You do not listen to music, you do not watch TV. You do not play video games. You may READ, Play a musical instrument, Draw a picture, paint, write a play, etc., etc., etc. You must for 48 hours entertain yourself. Now if that does not work an Art Police intervention is necessary. Believe me you do not want to go there.
Looking around the room, you look OK to me. Not many of you look too media obsessive, maybe we should skip the cure. How about a poem.

Inner complexities of dynamic forces, played out while interacting at social functions, which could be misconstrued as sarcastic parody but in reality juxtapose sociological myths both past and present. Defining nothing.

If your identity is your clothing, wealth, gender, political beliefs, profession, sexual preference, religion, or possessions, you have no identity, so sad, so sad.
Listen I got to go back and get some tools.

Next time we'll check you for YUPPIE FASCISM.


Re: You have 15 seconds to comply.

marc garrett wrote:

> You have - are you bored yet?

I cheeted and skiped to the end>