atomic elroy
Since 2003
Works in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States of America

Atomic Elroy is a time based media artist working in video installation and performance, and a combination of all three. Elroy considers himself an Art Humorist using a self mocking approach to all artistic values and standards. Never quite knowing if he is involved in self parody, or just frustrated with the art worlds pedantic nature, he always goes for the humor
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new videos

hey you! no, not YOU! the other one.

there are two new videos in at:

follow artwork/video links to find:

"What Video Artists do to Their Friends"

"Jeff and I get a Hamburger" ( part 3 of the I-25 Suite)

watching them could change your life forever... or not!


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Re: Free Space Comix: Brakhage Lectures, Flash Polaroids, and /UBU launch #doo



I dig the flashroids!



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Burning Down The House

sniff, sniff I smell something burning, or is it just pretense...
mixed with the odor of a plant... now what is it?
oh yes...
Poison Envy!


P.S. The "kill the buddha" phrase is a paradox, not to be taken literally!


london art is burning down...

( from )
London Art Fire spreads toxic cloud of conceptualism over capital.

The fallout from a huge warehouse fire that has destroyed millions of pounds-worth of modern art is spreading a lethal plume of post modern conceptualism over London, it has emerged.

The fire, at the Momart art warehouse facility at Leyton to the north-east of the capital has destroyed work owned by art collector Charles Saatchi, which includes pieces by Tracey Emin, the Chapman Brothers and other artists in the Britart movement.

Now, fears are growing that a cloud of wind-borne conceptualism released in the blaze could be carried over Central London, affecting institutions and Government. A number of spontaneous incidents are said to have already occurred, including an alleged meeting of the cabinet in nude and the installation of a mannequin as Foreign Secretary. Observers are closely following today's Prime Minister's Question Time in the House of Commons, where Tony Blair is expected to query his right, in existential terms, to be Prime Minister at all.

Fire fighters at the blaze brought the inferno under control last night and then relit it, to "see what would happen".


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Re: Re: new work

All political manifestations no matter how selfless are based on a basic form of fascism... trying to control other people's behavior, which is impossible. Certain sociological norms are agreed upon in groups. yet, one can't control another's behavior. the futility of this is manifest in reactive rage.
this is a physically violent universe, that only stays in existence with the balance of passivity.
once one realizes this most emotional extremes become comical.

can rage be droll?

did I say that out LOUD?
AE 04.