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Works in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States of America

Atomic Elroy is a time based media artist working in video installation and performance, and a combination of all three. Elroy considers himself an Art Humorist using a self mocking approach to all artistic values and standards. Never quite knowing if he is involved in self parody, or just frustrated with the art worlds pedantic nature, he always goes for the humor
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Re: Re: here's the gist: stay inside, the republicans are coming


carry a really bizare metal object in your pocket like a faucet or something that will trip metal detectors, yet not be misconstrued as a weapon and get you in hot water ( sorry that was 2/3 of a pun... p.u.)

don't bitch... run for office, i am!


Re: Re: Re: Blog vs Board (re: Blogging Survey)

I've read this entire thread.. and I'm coming around to value of blogs. and the value they could have on a site like this one, they can transcend the "daddy, daddy, look at me!" mentality.

I think maybe a system of 1.superuser blogs as a main offering 2.then if you wanted to purchase a blog space, you could if a member. ( like the web hoasting) and 3. a reblog type of offering

by the way I'm listening to Michael Gordon "Light is Calling" :-)

don't bitch... run for office, i am!


Re: Re: Fw: How Bush got his

I think there is a difference between diplomatic bluster and waging war. while the Clinton administration knew that Mr. Hussein was, as the current administration likes to over simplify, a "bad guy", the fact that they were using diplomatic means and rhetoric to get the point across, no matter how vehemently, is different then thumbing your nose at the UN and marching into Iraq.
besides the neo-cons had been cooking this up since Bush 41 lost.

I bet it was collated by a Murdock payroll recipient

candidate, el paso county ( colorado) commissioner district 3
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Re: Blog vs Board (re: Blogging Survey)

I agree
with lee...
the blog be,
about ME!
not WE!
you see.

all we need is a computer and a connection to think that what we think are thoughts worth thinking... or so we think... I think?

note to self: include self in last remark!

anti-artist ( it's about me)


NEA head blasts dearth of Silicon Valley art

NEA head blasts dearth of Silicon Valley art

Sarah Lacy ( san Jose Bizjournnal)

Local boy turned National Endowment for the Arts Chairman, Dana Gioia, made his first official visit to Silicon Valley today, addressing an audience of about 100 business and arts leaders at Adobe Systems' San Jose campus.

Mr. Gioia, a California native, Stanford graduate and former resident of Sonoma County, spoke on the role of the arts in creating a vibrant economy and healthy community. Or as he called it, he "waxed philosophical" about the arts and how he sees the NEA's role.

Mr. Gioia corrected the popular misconception that the NEA subsidizes arts groups, saying the budget is about 0.75 percent of all arts funding in the U.S. and all the grants require matching funds. He also expressed his preference for funding organizations rather than individual artists, saying if you shut down the NEA it wouldn't have an impact on what art is created in the U.S., rather it would impact the accessibility of art to the general public.

Mr. Gioia spoke of the uniqueness of Silicon Valley saying that never had a place this small created so much wealth and so much innovation in such a short period of time. But he was critical of the valley's arts scene, calling Opera San Jose the closest thing San Jose had to a "world class" institution with any social heft.

"You've had an economic renaissance but haven't created the visual legacies of that," he said. "Florence at the height of the renaissance was smaller than Palo Alto but look what it left behind.