atomic elroy
Since 2003
Works in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States of America

Atomic Elroy is a time based media artist working in video installation and performance, and a combination of all three. Elroy considers himself an Art Humorist using a self mocking approach to all artistic values and standards. Never quite knowing if he is involved in self parody, or just frustrated with the art worlds pedantic nature, he always goes for the humor
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the brackhage pack

very nice!

not enough Backhage out there!
I just was involved with an installation with a film artist who was showing some 16mm "found footage" one of the works was a real early Brackhage, which was a narrative, quite good also, circa 1950... like Picasso and Pollack, Brackhage learned the art form before he experimented.

CHAOS Studios


Re: layers/intermingling

they reflect one another and make one another brighter, and make one another brighter.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: we like the moon

I hate the moon...
it blocks my view
i hate the moon
especially when it's new
then you can't see it

but i can tell you any how...
i'd rather see than be it!

a little :-) 4 art.

artjester inc.


Re: Re: Blog vs Board (re: Blogging Survey)


blogs can tend to be narcissistic, in the wrong hands...

reading a blog can be a lot like watching some one else masturbate, it really depends on who's doing it, as to whether or not it turns you on.


don't bitch... run for office!