Ashley Reed
Works in Indianapolis United States of America

I am less of an explorer and more of a researcher. I like to delve into certain ideas. When I have questions, I am intrigued to find where those question stem from. I question, can we view the body in a different way than we do in everyday life. Is there a different way to see it? I also question why am I the way I am? Where does that come from? Is it my family, my surroundings, my environment? Or is it in my DNA? What makes me the way I am?

I take these questions, and don’t necessarily answer them in my work. I experience, then I analyze, then analyze some more. It’s like a continual research. It’s a continual analyzation of these questions that I have. I might clarify some things, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to answer all of my questions.

Most of my work is a continuation of a different body of work. Because through this process of research, I am taken in a new direction, a new path.