When I am asked to submit a statement for a show or website, I rarely send something previously written. This is because my work, when it is created, represents how I am feeling at the time. If you ask me today what the inspiration is behind a certain piece, I may remember based on the colors or energy of the work, but I also might see something new based on how I feel at the moment. It gives me a reason to see with new eyes.... perspectives are always changing, and as we continue to evolve we may remember things in new ways.

That said, my current works on paper continue as barometric snapshots of states of mind and heart. I let the colors and lines flow from me as an extension of myself, my energy. Each painting reveals something about relationships--my connection with the truest part of me, relationships that I have with others, how I see and interpret the world. This is my language. Along the way I realized that I could be playful with words as titles for the work. I continue to enjoy that aspect of art as well. Sometimes the titles come fully formed while painting and act as a metaphor for the work. Often I don’t realize the meaning behind the metaphor until days, weeks or months have passed when I may read something or an event occurs that triggers a response from me. Then again, a title may have no significance at all and simply be a label for the painting.

I began painting full time in 2003. I had been creating art prior to that time but not with a sense of urgency. It was a turning point in my life when I felt I needed a significant change from the unrelated work I had been doing the prior twenty years. I am self taught with some schooling in design concepts (based on a temporary desire to study interior design) and life drawing. I have shown my work in galleries in the U.S. and Paris, France. For the most part, I have enjoyed success with a wide audience through offering my work on the web from 2004 to the present.

My affinity with color and line is something that I have carried with me since childhood. While the materials, forms and compositional styles of my painting have evolved and refined over the years, the one constant is a love of color and line that is a part of me seeking an outlet via a feeling response to life.

p.s. the above was written in recent days for an upcoming show (January 2012) at Luxe 218 in Indianapolis, IN.