Arjen Bangma
Since 2006
Works in Amsterdam, New Hampshire Netherlands

Beyond Expression is platform and _Lab for the young generation media artists founded in 2003. Beyond Expression develops and produces projects in which interesting conceptual forms of expression are made by fusion and reflection. In the _Lab we work on diverse sound and visual projects.
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MULTIPLEX: TransNatural

Fri Feb 19, 2010 00:00 - Mon Jan 11, 2010

Where technology and nature initially are opposed to each other, more often they appear to merge. TransNatural is a fascinating art and design exhibition with workshops and lectures for the youth and adults.

exhibition dates: Friday 19 February till Friday 19 March
Open: Wed., Thur., Fri. 14.00h - 20.00h, Sat. 14.00h - 22.00h and Sun. 14.00h - 20.00h
TransNatural symposium: Saturday 13 March

Location: de Verdieping/ TrouwAmsterdam/ Wibautstraat 127/ 1091 GL Amsterdam
More information: /

Thomas Gerhardt (USA), Joan Healy (IR), Aaron Koblin/ Daniel Massey (USA), Lucy McRae (NL), Ralf Schreiber (GER), Sander Veenhof (NL), Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE), Jelle Feringa (NL), 2012Architecten (NL), Daniela Bershan (GER/NL), Julius Popp (GER), Elio Caccavale (UK), Tobie Kerridge (UK), Rachel Armstrong (UK)
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The most brilliant role that 'Technology' played was his way to escape the restrictions of Nature. Nonetheless, Technology also liked to play the role of the stupid, crude brother of 'Nature' constantly destroying Natures' toys with his clumsy dirty knuckles.

It is high time to get used to the idea that together technology and nature form a new, less dysfunctional family whose family name has not yet been established. The 21st century is the century where technology and nature have finally become viable children who in turn have children of their own.

Does this mean an evolutionary progress or above all, a changing perception about ourselves? Is this the end of the huge detour to the conclusion that the distinction between nature and technology never really existed? In transNatural we demonstrate the most interesting attempts in art, design and science to this new reality merged to a level of experience that helps us find a space to live in this new merged world.


introducing rAys interactive laser installation

Hello all,

Proudly introducing our latest revolutionary project rAys interactive laser installation. In rAys V2.0 the audience generates music and video by movement through a rain of 64 lasers. This ingenious music- video instrument is developed by media artist Raymond Deirkauf and the Beyond Expression_lab. More information at

Check out the video here:

Beyond Expression/


:: Call for Entries, VERSCH : electronic music & audiovisual projects

Tue Jul 25, 2006 00:00 - Tue Jul 25, 2006

VERSCH is a new evening program for young artists featuring the latest developments in electronic music, new media and performance. A showcase of installations, performance, live-cinema VJ-ing, live music and DJ-ing.

The Artists (performers, musicians/ producers) can introduce their work to the organization by filling in the Call for Entries at Please add representative project documentation to your entry.
The synergy between image and sound in installation and/ or performance form are one of the characteristics of the audiovisual projects. New approaches in the form and the position of the performers/ the public towards the work are central.
The music doesn't conform to one style and moves into the direction of eclectic pop/rock/dance, electro(punk), deep-house and minimal. Fresh, accessible compositions and cross-over are the key words.

VERSCH is supported by: ThuisKopie Fund, the Amsterdam Fund for Art and the VSBfund
Sponsors: D-hosting, iCi concepts and design, Co-producer: Nachttheater Sugar Factory