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Works in Benalla, Virgin Islands Australia

I come from Australia, and I have always had a perverse interest in electronic media and its ability to create distortions in the fabric of the day to day, even more so since the development of digital formats and the World Wide Web. It has struck the established culture of TV and print media formats like a bomb and i am there sifting through the scattered digital wreckage gleaning choice traces with mouse and heavy eyes. i have been able to gorge my curiosity for images of mayhem and celebrity in a manner that was previously extremely limited. The sheer volume of images which can be accessed now reveals to me, combinations and contrasts that were not so apparent before. My interest in celebrity, sport spectaculars or sudden internet stars is an interest in how media creates characters for moral scrutiny by hidden viewers, as if these judgments were a way of being involved in something larger then an individuals everyday life.
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Fart Lighting and Other Utopian Visons on the Web.

This is a very good way of beginning a look at what is a deceptively simple inquiry.
Once i was in a lounge room with a group of house mates who slavishly watched big brother. I made a conscious effort to avoid it.
Inevitably, during the ad break my reluctance to watch 20 somethings talk about nothing was challenged as an elitist pose. I said that was not the case. i simply did not want to watch banal conversations embarrassingly similar to banal conversations that i have initiated or been part of. Present conversation excluded.
The point im making here is Big Brother like various clip sites and trashy gossip rags are so very alluring for that very reason, we love to see some one else take the fall, make a fool of themselves or look shocking on the beach so that for a brief moment we may forget that they are merely a reflection of ourselves.


Fart Lighting and Other Utopian Visons on the Web.

Im sure that there are more interesting places to be when one goes for a row in the information torrent.
Nonetheless, that is where I am, ive got caught in an eddy somewhere and that is my current digital media niche.
Hi everyone.
My particular interest is video clips, all those 'best bits' that now jam time wasting sites like Ebaums world or You Tube. Like Joy Garnett or Wilhelm Sasnal (amongst others) I tend to mine the Internet for material. The principal material I reconfigure are avi's and mpegs.
I pull out either single frames or sequences from anything from car crashes or skate boarders impaling themselves which, because of the imperfections and arbitrariness of digital compression codecs, display traces of blurs and artefacts that interest me when they are turned into paint. That is where I am. I’m not a web monkey per se and my digital practice is not very digital but it is engaged with digital culture and i cannot escape its attraction.
Anyway, that’s not why I’m posting this thread. The reason I am here is because I have some questions and I hope that these little conversation germs will morph into an interesting contagion.
Here goes..
What theorists, artists or researchers are examining the effects of video clip culture on either the arts or our viewing habits in general?
What about the rise of digital barbarism? As pointed out by a writer (sorry forgot the name right now..) in Philosophy Now, why is it that a medium that was developed with utopianist visions such as the rise of the global brain and united consciousness, evolved into possibly little more then a arena for fart lighting clips, beheadings, beat downs, ownage, the aforementioned skater face plants, dramatic look gophers and the star wars kid?
Why have elements of the net become nothing more then a site for the posting and secret indulgence of our most dark and sordid fascinations.
Is anyone wondering about this?
This is what I’m painting.. This is what fascinates me about the web. What’s my problem?
My whole masters exegesis revolves around these questions.
So come on... talk to me. I cant be the only one....




why is it abstraction?


Secret Content Public Spaces

Mon Aug 04, 2008 00:00 - Thu Mar 06, 2008

hi there
i hope everyone is well.
I was wondering if anyone would like to assist me with my latest installation project

I'm preparing a proposal for a gallery here in Melbourne . For my project i want to paint paint lots of little images that i source from the web and install them into a space from floor to ceiling.

I'm wishing to publicly present a small portion of the hidden world of web activity as an examination of our private media habits and what happens in its transposition to a communal space . I interested in what re-configurations occur when digital traces from the underbelly of the net find themselves as subjects for reinterpretations in paint. I could find all these images myself but that would take forever and whats more it would not be true examination of online communities web browsing habits but only mine, and as you know, we all self-censor to a degree. I would much rather put out this request to the Rhizome community and make this project a far broader collaborative project.

So here's what i want from you. In order to make my painting installation diverse i need contributions. Send me
content that you indulge in for entertainment. Your after hours pursuits if you like. This can take the form of links or maybe send me gifs, jpegs, mpegs, animations etc, that you've found online that fascinate you. It's up to you what you want to give me but don't be shy. The more bizarre the better. They can be sourced from news, clip sites, fetish sites and more. If you are interested you can check out my website for my previous works in this area..

Your contributions will become part of my painterly reinterpretations.

I look forward to what you send.
send content in replies to this post or
contact me at