Annie Abrahams
Since the beginning
Works in Montpellier France

Annie Abrahams has a doctorate in biology from the university of Utrecht and a grade from the Academy of fine arts of Arnhem. In her work, using video, performance as well as the internet, she questions the possibilities and the limits of communication in general and more specifically investigates its modes under networked conditions. She is an internationally regarded pioneer of networked performance art.
She has performed and shown work extensively in France, including at the Pompidou Centre, Paris, and in many international galleries including among others Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló, Spain; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan; HTTP gallery in London and NIMk in Amsterdam; festivals such as the Moscow Film Festival; the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and the Stuttgarter Filmwinter, and on online platforms such as and Turbulence.
She teached at the university of Montpellier in the arts department. (2002-2005) From november 2006 to january 2009 she curated the project “InstantS” for She also curated and organized the “Breaking Solitude” and Double Bind webperformances on in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Besides doing her art work she lectures and teaches workshops.

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tout va bien

Fri Nov 23, 2007 00:00 - Wed Nov 07, 2007


image Tout va bien
Solo exhibition Annie Abrahams
Gallery ESCA, Milhaud, France.
From November 23rd till December 16th, 2007.
Press release will be available on the website from November 20.

Annie Abrahams will show several of her pieces made between 2000 and 2007 and some of her recent video works. Gallery adaptations of pieces like "Separation", "Don't touch me", "news series" and "Rassur" will be presented in a module especially made for this occasion. (500 x 160 x 130 cm)
A performance by the artists will take place during the vernissage on the 23rd of November at 8pm inside a four screen video installation titled "cochons les cochons", wich means something like "dirty pigs".

Associated artists:
Ava Carrère, Véronique Hubert and Guérine Regnaut for web performances during the opening.
Enna Chaton for the video "Tourner en rond".
Nicolas Frespech for the video "L'un la poupée de l'autre".
Technical assistance web performances : Clément Charmet. (


Breaking Solitude

Mon Nov 12, 2007 00:00 - Sun Nov 04, 2007


You are welcome:

Monday 12 Novembre à 20h 8 PM GMT+1 (Paris local time)
Breaking Solitude in the salon web of
presents "imaginary friend - amie imaginaire"
a performance by Aya Karpinska.

"imaginary friend - amie imaginaire" is a webcam adaption for "lala".

"In this performance piece, I use my childhood doll as an interface for engaging with text projected on a screen. The language is inspired by the relationship between a child and her doll or imaginary friend.
A recursive algorithm is used to fill the space of the screen with pre-written verses, which appear in random order. The doll is fitted with an accelerometer, a sensor that can detect position in space and speed of movement. As the doll is moved, the way text appears on the screen changes."

Only 30 places available, please dont connect too late to
Don't forget to register on the site if you didn't do that yet

Aya Karpinska is a digital media artist and interaction designer. She creates interactive experiences through installation art, digital text, sound, and game design (but not all at the same time). Aya is the 2006 recipient of the Brown University Fellowship in Electronic Writing; she splits her time between Providence and New York City.

Annie Abrahams


press release Breaking Solitude Second Season

Press release

"Breaking Solitude" "Second Season" : a series of 6 Net performances between October 29, 2007 and January 28, 2008.

In this series Annie Abrahams and propose Web-meetings of about 20 minutes long using chat and streaming to experiment new ways of being together. Each meeting starts with a performance of an artist.
The entrance of the web-salon is limited to 30 people. People registered on the site of panoplie (it is free) can take part in the chat (English or French) and will have priority over the others, which can nevertheless assist as "voyeurs" within the limit of the places available.

"Breaking solitude" is a project of Annie Abrahams ( and

The artists invited in the second season of "Breaking Solitude" are : Florian Fernandez, Aya Karpinska, Igor Stromajer, Anne-James Chaton, MTAA and Helen Varley Jamieson.

29 10 2007 20h Florian Fernandez lives in Marseille in France.
Fernand is not the anagram of Florian. If one makes Florian with Fernand that gives : a dolphin. , and

12 11 2007 20h Aya Karpinska, New York, Providence.
is a digital media artist and interaction designer. She creates interactive experiences through installation art, digital text, sound, and game design (but not all at the same time). Aya is the 2006 recipient of the Brown University Fellowship in Electronic Writing; she splits her time between Providence and New York City.

26 11 2007 20h Igor Stromajer, Slovenie
Igor Stromajer was born in Slovenia in 1967. He graduated at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Lives in Ljubljana, works and exhibits worldwide. Stromajer is an intimate mobile communicator. He researches tactical emotional states and traumatic low-tech guerrilla strategies. His most known works are Oppera Internettikka and Ballettikka Internettikka (1997-2007).

10 12 2007 20h Anne-James Chaton, France.
Anne-James Chaton is poet sound. He is 35 years old and lives in Montpellier, France. He directed several reviews (Derivation, The Incredible New Justine' S Adventures...) and published five books, three works of poetry to editions Al Dante and two essays with the editions Sens & Tonka. He gave a hundred readings in France and abroad and organized a great number of events around sound poetry in Besancon, Lyon, Paris, Montpellier. (PC- Poesies contemporaines, Sonorites)

14 01 2008 20h MTAA , New York.
Artists M. River and T. Whid formed MTAA in 1996 and soon after began to explore the internet as a medium for public art. The duo's exhibition history includes group shows and screenings at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Postmasters Gallery and Artists Space, all in New York City, and at The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. International exhibitions include the Seoul Net & Film Festival in Korea and Videozone2 - The 2nd International Video Art Biennial in Israel.

28 01 2008 20h Helen Varley Jamieson , NZ / Australie
Helen Varley Jamieson is a writer, theatre practitioner and digital artist. She is currently undertaking a Master of Arts (research) at Queensland, investigating her practice of cyberformance. She is a founding member of the globally dispersed cyberformance troupe, Avatar Body Collision, and has collaborated in and contributed to various other online art projects.

For more information please contact Annie Abrahams, Clement Charmet or Elisabeth Klimoff. : Web magazine for contemporary creation .
Composed by a collective of artists from very different horizons, Web and non Web, the online magazine aims to be a platform for exchange between artists and Net surfers : Calls for participation, performances, writings and follow-ups of artistic projects and events are mixed to propose an original approach and highlight problematics of art on the Net. In projects like "Why Rock" (2005), "Habiter" (2006 ) and "Robots" (2007), also treats universal themes in a contemporary way and makes them accessible to a larger public. While collaborating with galleries and official art institutions helps to discover and instore new artistic practices in the realm of traditional art.


Girlsband_&_L'un_la_Poupee_de _l'autre_:_Performances._Etc.

PeurS/FearS" Lecture/performance. Mai 23th 20h30, festival e-poetry2007
Annie Abrahams and The All Star GirlsBand. Featuring Caroline Delieutraz,
Marika Dermineur, Nathalie Fougeras, Aliette Guibert, Julie Guilbault,
Pascale Gustin, Carroline Hazard, Anne Laforet, Janique Laudouar, Albertine
Meunier and Anne Roquigny.
Le Cube, 20, Cours Saint Vincent Issy-les-moulineaux.

"L'un la poupee de L'autre" Performance by Annie Abrahams and Nicolas
Frespech. Regie Clement Charmet.
Mai 26th, 14h15, flashfestival, petite salle -1, Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech comment in their performance on the
present situation where *we tend more and more to live in our own bubble,
our own sphere, without need for the other, by forming a couple with our
virtual doubles*.

"Alka Seltzer" web performance by Guerine Regnaut aka POUN during the last
"Breaking Solitude" Rendezvous of this season.
Mai 25th 2007 / *6 PM GMT *

"kicks" : Sound work by Jan de Weille. Get your kicks on the page where one
of his Soundmaps works is dissected into separate tracks.


Please reply with "no" in the subject if you don't want to recieve my news



Re: Sphinx Egypt

Dorons videos are very special
My favorite is "Lenin"

yours Annie

On 3/15/07, Michael Szpakowski <> wrote:
> Wonderful.
> This is quite literally sublime, but there's a note
> of bathos too as the birds flock & squawk around - you
> catch your breath -and if you don't catch your breath
> please look hard into your soul - & then you have to
> smile a little. Something of Shelley's Ozymandias too
> in this: 'Look on my works ye mighty and despair!'
> There's an interesting dichotomy in Doron's work
> between the highly worked pieces - those with music &
> actors, or the poetic documentaries - & these
> apparently simple, found, works where he points the
> camera at the right time, the at-the-right-time,
> Cartier-Bresson like, being key..
> (Indeed it seems to me there's somethig not dissimilar
> to the influence of surrealism in C-B's work operating
> in Doron's - it's as if the surreal/magical realist
> element has been distilled, refined down so delicately
> & completely that its presence is almost imperceptible
> at first's only on further
> investigation/contemplation/reflection that the
> revelation, the unwrapping, of the profound
> strangeness & singularity of the subject as a *central
> theme & action* of the piece becomes clear)
> I really recommend to people they spend some time
> looking at Doron's recent particular from
> 'broadway canal'
> to this one.
> It doesn't shout from any rooftops, it has no
> gimmicks, no punch lines, in some ways it's quite
> austere but it has a genuine depth & an unforced
> complexity. Each movie is a mystery movie - one
> returns many times & still finds something new..
> It's an impressive & substantial - & I believe it
> will be an enduring - body of work.
> michael
> --- doron golan <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > new video from Giza.
> > cheers,
> > doron
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