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Given Enough Eyeballs

Fri Mar 14, 2008 00:00 - Fri Mar 07, 2008

Given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow" -Eric S. Raymond, from The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Given Enough Eyeballs is an investigation of the ideas of open source, a set of principles for designing software in which the source code is openly available, as it applies to contemporary art practices.

Curated by Annette Monnier and featuring the work of A.J.Bocchino, Ramsey Arnaoot, Joseph DiGiuseppe, Kendall Bruns, and Yoshi Sodeoka.


A show on Open Systems at the Esther M. Klein Gallery in Philadelphia


I'm curating a show on open systems or open source as the idea can apply to art work or artistic thought. I am interested in artists who use culture as if it is an open system/when the laws of ownership break down, and basically, I wanted to start a discussion here on what that might mean.