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twinklepop * The Clientele

twinklepop is proud to present
this wonderously vibrant and pulsating thing...

)) The Clientele's 'Joseph Cornell' ((
animation by Gustavo Valganon ::

Gustavo's site is home to a collection of slick
traditional animations, and the sexy morphing globules he
calls "SpaceMath". But the animation he's created for
twinklePop is nothing like any that work. It's completely
fresh. An animated hommage to artist Joseph Cornell who's
work once prompted him do some serious thinking about the
nature of art.

Here are some of Gustavo's notes about Joseph Cornell's
influence on his ideas about art:

"The concept of art as the desire to own something that you
think is beautiful and hang it on the wall of your home for
everyone to see. It is not very useful to want to own that,
but you develop an attraction for it that is hard to
explain. It has nothing to do with entertainment or
consumption. There is a certain transcendental factor in it
because by wanting to own it you want it to be a part of
your life, grow with it and show it to your grandchildren in
future, wanting to preserve it for future generations."

click "// style" in the twinklepop
interface to read more of Gustavo's notes

.o(( ))o.