Anita Bacic
Since 2002
Works in Hobart Australia

Anita Bacic is a Hobart-based artist who explores media old and new, with a focus on participatory experiences. Bacic is fascinated with the construction of stories, images and experiences and how we as individuals can actively contribute and interact in these processes. She continues to explore works which encourage curiosity, participation, personal connections and self-reflection that in turn potentially challenge our perceptions and how we see and interpret the world around us.

Bacic has explored older pre-cinema technologies, including camera obscura as installations and street-based mobile experiences for a number of years. Bacic’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and has participated in Parramatta Lanes in Sydney, White Night Melbourne, Nextwave Festival, Electrofringe New Media Arts Festival, ANAT’s Portable Worlds I & II, amberPlatform and Videobrasil.
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Reflux - stereoscopic photography, video installation & kinetic sculpture

Reflux - A group exhibition presented by Anita Bacic, Sandra Landolt and Tina Fiveash, which reveals a fusion of recycled technologies and digital media, re-examining overlooked details of our everyday lives.

Anita Bacic - In Ringa Raja clouds swirl within an austere geodesic dome, constructed simply from cardboard triangles. An imaginary world contained within a paper shell; a representation of dreams missed from a time in the past where we would lie on the ground and stare at the sky.

Tina Fiveash - Quiescense I - X are a series of anaglyptic (3-D) photographs which essentially explore our interconnectedness as human beings, on both a physical and spiritual level, focusing on the face, as a universally recognised key for gaining insight into another person’s soul. The eyes in particular, are often described as being the “windows to the soul”, and in the words of Japanese novelist, Kobo Abe, the face is like “a roadway between oneself and others”.

Sandra Landolt - Sandra plays with the idea of Reflux, as the medical term for any deviation from a healthy or normal condition. Her video work displays in a playful way, how a wind-up toy is fighting time, and her kinetic sculpture represents a discarded toy, altered and adapted to a new function.

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Calls for txt messages of nursery songs/games

Send in your favourite nursery rhyme or childhood song by text message!

Would you like to be part of an exhibition that explores the connections we make on an intimate, but global scale?

160 Characters is an exhibition of children’s nursery rhymes and songs from around the globe. This exhibition will present fragments of childhood memories from many different cultures.

To become part of the exhibition simply visit, complete the online form and send your rhyme or song via text message to the mobile number on the website. You can choose to send just one line of the song or use up to three text messages to transmit more. Also feel free to use contemporary text messaging abbreviations.

The messages will be collated and presented as part of a multimedia installation and eventually on the internet.
Twenty texts will be selected for presentation in individual retro slide viewers as part of the installation.

This work explores the technological connections between us, via the use of shared memories of childhood nursery games and songs.
Visit for more information.

Text messaging in your own original language is encouraged.

Anita Bacic
Sydney, Australia