Andy Prior
Since 2003
Works in Plymouth, Delaware United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I am a digital artist living and working in south-west england. I'm currently taking a MSc/MA Digital Futures at Plymouth University, which is part of i-dat (Institute for Digital Art and Technology). I work in New Media, Sound, Sculpture, Video... in fact whatever is the most appropriate medium. Check out my site at i-dat which shows artwork and ideas I've been working on recently:

And my portfolio:
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Mon May 03, 2004 00:00 - Mon May 03, 2004 has finally arrived! The free!boot project is proud to present a concept which brings the notion of p2p networks back to their grass roots. free!boot is an online space for promoting and encouraging the creation and editing of audio files collaboratively.

Litigation against p2p clients from the music industry has helped foster the popular misconception that p2p networks are solely based on