Andy McKeown
Since 2007

Andy McKeown is a New-Media artist and Programmer, trained in ceramics and photography in the early 70's and has worked across a very broad range of creative processes, He taught in the late 70s and early 80s before encountering computer technology in 1986, an event that radically changed the direction and nature of his work.

Much of his practice since the early 90's has been based on his own software (and increasingly hardware) and this has now become an integral part of the art making and delivery process.
The current focus of his work is on fragmentary collections and real-time data streams, often modified by random and direct audience interaction.

There are a number of interrelated strands to his current practice, all involving the interpretation of various diverse data streams (text, sound, image, and numeric data) as real-time colour and pattern systems (most recently through colour encryption and transcription systems), these being realized as projected light installations and as physical renderings in traditional media (ceramics, textiles, glass, metal)

The latest installations rely on direct audience interaction in order to generate the visual dialogue using devices that appear to have no direct connection to computer technology and employ traditional analog processes (drawing, writing, collage) to produce instant audience influenced and created still and moving images.

This fusion of processes now encompasses his print works and the most recent works feature a major element of computer intervention and influence over final content and composition. The works once composed cannot be saved, only printed as high resolution large format monoprints, each composition being destroyed as part of the action of printing.