Conceived in nine evenings and born in May '68, American media artist Andy Deck lives and works in New York City. Deck makes public art for the Internet. Much of his online work demands participation, blurring the lines between communication and creativity, and between independent and collaborative expression. He is a co-founder of Transnational Temps, an environmental art collective. He is the founder of Artcontext, which explores collaborative processes and media politics in the context of art and connectivity, blurring familiar formal categories with hybrid phenomena like network drawing spaces, game-like search engines, written pictures, and informative art.
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Artistic License

Wed Nov 25, 2009 00:00 - Wed Nov 25, 2009


Produce your own customized Artistic License in a matter of minutes using your web browser. Instead of biometrics and radio frequency ID chips, Artistic License embraces freedom, collaboration, sharing, and imagination as keys to a more appealing modernity. Your Artistic License doesn't require you to look like yourself, and it does not impose factual restrictions. Nonetheless it has the truthiness coveted by authority. And, if you make yours before December 15, 2009, you'll be eligible for a


Brought to you by the unaided eye and of Andy Deck. Licenses can be obtained using a self-addressed stamped envelope. Or, if you get a 2010 Artcontext Calendar (, it can be enclosed in that shipment. Send e-mail for details (



Thu Oct 04, 2007 00:00 - Tue Oct 02, 2007

Who do you talk to about your Earth issues?

Converse with a chimpanzee about habitat problems, or discuss overfishing with a whale. These are just two possible encounters in EcoScope, which will be part of the Eco-Media exhibition in Germany beginning October 11th, 2007. Produced by the international art collective Transnational Temps, this online forum also offers tools for sending quirky postcards to friends, either electronically or through your printer. You're invited to come join the conversation. There's content in EcoScope before you arrive, but half the fun is what you bring to it.

Ultimately the sustainability of the environment is not someone else's problem, it is a theme that can be overwhelming if it is not offset by humor, inspiration, curiosity, and hope. It's not easy to open public dialogue about such matters. But it may help to begin somewhere.

Peer into the EcoScope!

It stands to reason that solutions to the various contemporary ecological challenges are more likely to emerge when the public is both well informed and practiced in articulating ideas about the environment. So EcoScope is designed to combine information with discussion. Its structure indicates the importance of participation in any meaningful solutions that can be imagined.


While most cultural and media institutions continue to neglect the deterioration of the environment, Transnational Temps has resisted this flight from ecology and reaffirmed the ground-breaking work of the 1970s. Like Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, which disappeared beneath the surface of the Great Salt Lake for thirty years, Earth Art has re-emerged in the new millennium.

Since its formation in 2001, Transnational Temps has developed diverse media art relating to the environment, extinction, public awareness, and the limits of technological progress. Members of Transnational Temps are artists without borders, culture workers dedicated to imagining new maps and finding alternative routes to the future.


Net Neutrality

Fri Jun 09, 2006 00:00 - Fri Jun 09, 2006

Pardon the prosaic interruption, but are people calling their
senators to get the U.S. Senate to block this corporate initiative
(COPE) which will almost certainly hurt small content providers such as