Since 2005
Works in Milano, Michigan Italy

[Donnachie-Simionato's work] is a visual investigation of the non-metric, somewhere between Picasso, digital-prank and Gestalt. Supported by the asynchronous sounds of Sinistri, Donnachie-Simionato modulate an elegant visual flux which also interferes with our comprehension. Perhaps by reordering the principles behind the organization of images and sound we effect our thought processes?

Karen ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato, Ausralian artists currently residing in Milan, Italy are most noted in the digital arts panorama for their development, since 2002, of a curious and articulated internet project called This is (not) a magazine, considered "a phenomenon in publishing" (The Journal of Made-images, London UK, 2006) They are invited to talk in art and design contexts, in universities and art academies, from the ARCO fair in Madrid to the London College of Communication, they curate events and develop both on and off line editorial projects (their motto "make art for Magazines, don't make art for galleries") The atelier of Donnachie-Simionato develops new approaches to multidisciplinary expression."

From Netmage 2007 catalogue, Italy
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Accurate tracking of the Elk

Mon Aug 25, 2008 00:00 - Mon Aug 25, 2008


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Accurate Tracking of the Elk
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Michael and his histories

Sat Aug 16, 2008 00:00 - Fri Aug 15, 2008



Senko Studio presents an exhibition
"Michael and His Histories"
by Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato
Opening the 16th of August 12-15
Open Saturdays 12-15 and Sundays 14-17
Sct. Mathiasgade 35 D, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

Studies from an ongoing project by Donnachie-Simionato which when completed will create a continuous visual narrative of the history of the world through the study of one man by documenting his re-enactment of the events and people from antiquity to contemporary man and beyond.

By collecting over 200 portraits of Michael, taken in weekly sessions for over 2 years, Donnachie-Simionato are documenting a revisionist history of the world filtered through a single man's viewpoint formed by his half-remembered education, the films and television documentaries he has seen, with his imagination filling any spaces remaining.

Donnachie-Simionato are Australian citizens based in Milan, Italy, and are most known for their art publications at
Michael is a dog-sitter and factotum who is often found walking his client's dogs in the park near Donnachie-Simionato's studio.

This study is a forerunner to a new book of the same title, to be released in late 2008.