There are three new Android phones from Samsung that can take part of market share currently belonging to iPhone. Galaxy II S is not the only bestseller and, Samsung also seriously considers other market niches. The most expensive model is Samsung Galaxy Nexus sells for 700 US dollars. On numerous occasions after Apple TV Samsung has followed. Galaxy Nexus is a joint product of Google and Samsung that demonstrates the most recent Android platform 4.0 which just about to be offered in other Android phones . Software updates will automatically load to Nexus through Google. A popular magazine Korrespondent identifies this feature as the main advantage of rather expensive Samsung Galaxy Nexus compared to other Android cellular devices .Galaxy Nexus has a large 4.65-inch display with 1,280 x 720 resolution and 16 or 32 gigabytes of built-in memory. What about comparing .Android vs iPhone 4 phone? Most Apple products became top sellers soon after release. Apple first demosntrated iPhone in MacWorld Expo 5 years ago which at the time was a groundbreaking model that combined features of mobile phone and tablet PC. Instead of long-awaited iPhone 5 Apple released iPhone 4S where S means Siri according to some experts. What makes iPhone 4S highly demanded on Consumer Electronics Show is higher speed of work due to dual processor similar to iPad 2 but with reduced frequency