Andrew Stones
Since 2002
Works in Sheffield United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Brief biography December 2002

Andrew Stones works with video, digital photographs, light, and a wide range of other materials, including audio (field recordings and composed elements, which he uses in installations, videotapes and audio-only works).

Since 1984 he has worked extensively with gallery and site-specific installations, presenting large scale works and multi-element exhibitions throughout the UK, in Holland and in Germany. His videotapes have been screened in many media art events in Europe, the USA, Australia, South America and Japan.

With a (2001-04) Fellowship from the National Endowment for Science Technology & the Arts (NESTA) Stones is visiting science establishments and sites of iconic significance, collecting of video, audio and digital photographs for a new body of work. He has recently undertaken short residencies at Arecibo Radio Observatory; and Big Bear Solar Observatory; and has visited CERN in Switzerland, where he is planning more extensive work in 2003. This research is enabling him to get closer to the