Andrew Burgess
Since 2008
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I work with found footage and shoot video, + use photographs, scanned images and sound, that I take from all over the place and filter through a 'cut-up' process to create a landscape of texture and atmosphere that imply my own social, political and psychological identity, this identity is never rigid and can only be touched upon through erratic signals of dislocation, contradiction and imbalance.

I deeply resent having to participate in
what I believe to be a Hyper consumerist society, where a product is the goal of almost every effort, due to my distaste with this way of being I rarely finish anything as for me the working process is the art, but I am trying to find a way to present my work as organic and with out borders as a kind of ongoing discourse, in a way that challenges the ideal of the Immaculate final product. I have no idea how to achieve this though. I live with my partner Anna Maria who is also a Video/Performance artist and a gender theorist and am quite happy in my own way.