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P O N D - shortform text publication

Wed Aug 31, 2011 13:45

Montréal, Canada

P O N D is a small-format print publication dedicated to short-form texts.
P O N D is published on a bi-monthly basis, and appears in public every second Monday.
P O N D is distributed through select cafés and cultural outlets in Montréal and internationally.
Each issue, the contributor's text is presented on a two page spread - four pages of text in total.
- Submissions should be text-only, amounting to no more than 700 words.
- We accept submissions on a rolling basis - sent via e-mail to to newfoundlandtack [at]
Please include "POND submission" as the subject line.
- Artists and writers who wish to include a web link or contact information in the publication are invited to do so.
This information will appear on the page preceding the text, and should not exceed one-line.
- Submissions can be included as a text attachment or in the body of the email.
P O N D does consider publishing texts that have specific
formatting requirements. If this is the case, please submit a formatted
.PDF file showing the layout of text.


Wikipedia Art

Make what you will, but a similar project I initiated in 2007 was pulled from Wikipedia in a matter or hours - despite my best attempts to justify with reference. I launhed the same project through another wiki site - and you can view it at :
Note though that it has changed from its original form and the theoretical content has moved from the initial page due to user edits.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this