Andor Merks
Since 2008
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I was born in Hungary in 1981. At the age of 8 I started programming on Commodore 64. I created my first software installation “Hunyadi” in 1994 (aged 13). During the secondary school I examined low-level (assembly) generated graphics. In 1999. I started studying physics and a year later art aesthetics at the Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest. My art studies focused on film history and digital culture (net / party / game art).

During my university years (from 2002) I became a practicing Video Jockey in various underground clubs in Budapest. For my VJ performances I started to develop an experimental environment (Neuralbox) to control and compose real time Flash animations. My research focused on creative user interfaces to enable deeper interaction with the mixed loops. Parallel with my VJing I started publishing net-art sites featuring interactive art-works utilizing my VJ research for the online community ( 2004; 2005; 2006)

In 2005 I worked 6 months in Berlin in the city's remarkable art house Tacheles ( collaborating with visual artists using different medium (painting, montage...). During this period I performed VJ live acts and created an interactive video installation “Welcome to the Electric Jungle” from used electronic equipments and screens.

Between 2006 - 2008 I started new collaborations in Budapest with established contemporary artists to utilize my experimental interactive knowledge: I worked together with Istvan Haraszty (1934- kinetic sculptor) creating online art works inspired by his machine-sculptures from the '60, '70 I created an abstract visual world along with DJ Dork (minimal techno DJ, Vienna) for an AV performance and for net-art:; I directed a dance-video performance with Linda Farkas (dancer, choreographer.):

In December, 2007 I opened my most comprehensive video installation spreading through the walls and ceiling of Budapest's emblematic bar (romkocsma) the “Szimpla Kert”. I combined sculpture, screens and interactive video to create a jungle of digital signs. I've chosen this underground bar/club to explore a different audience (compered to galleries) for my evolving visual language.

In 2008 I moved to London. I'm doing video performances and VJ live acts in various galleries, bars and clubs all around the city. I established “VJ Yourself !” my interactive project in 2010 dedicated to participatory self-expression In December, 2010 I created my first London based video installation for the Cafe 1001, Brick Lane. Parallel with my art career I'm working as a game designer for top digital agencies in the City.
In 2012 I exhibited the VJ Yourself project at the Kinetika Art Fair (the biggest kinetic and digital art fair in Britain).