Ana Buigues
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Works in Puig Playa, Virginia Spain

.Made in Spain. Valencia, 1962.

Ana Buigues is a Ph.D. student in a department of art history at a Canadian university, the name of which -- as Cervantes would say -- she has no desire to call to mind. Her dissertation investigates emotions, intimacy, and subjectivity in relation to technology and

Ana Buigues'CV:

Ana also has an Emotional Mobile Studio --
located halfway through her portable computer, electronic organizer, and cell phone, from which a series of wreadings, meditations, and projects have sprung.
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-han llegado unos panfletos de propaganda del partido verde


[pub] " ceci n'est pas un stock exchange"

For those interested / Para los interesados

Buigues, Ana. " ceci n'est pas un stock exchange."
_Maska. Performing Arts Journal_. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Vol 19, No. 1-2
(84-85), Winter-Spring 2004.

is also available online (in English only) at:


This article attempts to contextualize Igor Stromajer and Davide
Grassi's project The Problem Stock Exchange_,
2001, within activist performance. The hybrid nature of this project
touches upon many different media and channel ubications, performance
strategies, and rebellious claims for several art and life spaces.
_Problemarket.com_ -- a stock market whose commercial activity is based
on the trade of problems -- is a melange of interventions within social
networks, urban action, political protest, performance, and,
with an emphasis on the economies of [emotional] deficit and [economic]

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-.-. - -.-. --- -- -.-. . -.-. .. -. . ... - .--. .- ...
..- -.... - --- -.-. -.- . -..- -.-. .... .- -. --. .

Buigues, Ana. " ceci n'est pas un stock exchange."
_Maska. Performing Arts Journal_. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Vol 19, No. 1-2
(84-85), Winter-Spring 2004.

esta tambien disponible en linea (solo en ingles) en:


Este articulo intenta contextualizar el proyecto de Igor Stromajer
y Davide Grassi The Problem Stock Exchange_, 2001,
en el marco de la performance activista. La naturaleza hibrida de
este proyecto mantiene puntos de contacto con la utilizacion de
diferentes medios y canales de ubicacion, estrategias de performance
y reivindicaciones de varios espacios de la vida y del arte.
_Problemarket.com_ -- una bolsa de valores, cuya actividad comercial
se basa en el trueque de problemas -- es una mezcla de intervenciones
en los networks sociales, accion urbana, protesta politica, performance
y, con un enfasis en las economias de deficit [emocional] y
beneficio [economico].

Ana Buigues, Valencia (es)

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OFFF (Online Flash Film Festival) 04 Valencia

OFFF (Online Flash Film Festival)
Experimental Audio Unusual Video - July 2004 - Valencia, Spain


Re: attempting to share with friends & family

Thu Jun 12, 2003 00:00 - Thu Jun 12, 2003

David and Eduardo,

What would be the point of trying to reason with people (family members, friends, pets, or extraterrestials) who are just not in the same frequency as you?