Ana Buigues
Since the beginning
Works in Puig Playa, Virginia Spain

.Made in Spain. Valencia, 1962.

Ana Buigues is a Ph.D. student in a department of art history at a Canadian university, the name of which -- as Cervantes would say -- she has no desire to call to mind. Her dissertation investigates emotions, intimacy, and subjectivity in relation to technology and

Ana Buigues'CV:

Ana also has an Emotional Mobile Studio --
located halfway through her portable computer, electronic organizer, and cell phone, from which a series of wreadings, meditations, and projects have sprung.
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in search of someone who can take control of the situation.




Los Democratas Kerry y Edwards comienzan a buscar votos en Estados clave.

El Estado de Ohio

Distribucion Racial:

.Blancos: 85 %
.Afroamericanos: 11,5 %
.Latinoamericanos: 1,9 %
.Asiaticos: 1,2 %
.Indios: 0,2 %

[_El Pais_ jueves 8 de julio de 2004, edicion impresa]



Si los afroamericanos se llaman afroamericanos, y los latinoamericanos se
llaman latinoamericanos



En este curso se estudiaran las diferentes intersecciones entre artes,
ciencias y tecnologias y se invitara a artistas, cientificos y tecnologos
para hablar de ello tanto desde un punto de vista teorico como practico. Los
objetivos que guiaran el curso son reflexionar sobre la union/separacion de
los diferentes ambitos del conocimiento, mostrar las practicas artisticas
que unen las artes con las tecno-ciencias, debatir alrededor de las
intersecciones de la cultura cientifica con la humanistica, y acercar estos
ambitos de conocimiento distintos. El motivo del curso es apostar por una
"tercera cultura" estableciendo un puente entre las dos culturas
tecno-cientifica y humanistica mediante la aproximacion desde las artes
digitales y las hibridaciones entre artes y ciencias.

-intersecciones: 2 veces
-humanistica: 2 veces
-aproximacion: 1 vez
-hibridaciones: 1 vez
-diferentes: 2 veces (y luego tambien han dicho "distinto" una vez)
-reflexionar: 1 vez
-cultura: 1 vez
-culturas: 1 vez
-union/separacion: 1 vez (paradoxical concept! that the course will probably
-practico: 1 vez
-practicas: 1 vez


from the wPacks of igor stromajer

Ana Buigues went shooting the prisoners of war with a local mobile phone
service provider in the luxurious Finnish sauna and went around killing
hostages with a gas, not knowing that the war is already ower but it was all
an utopian software error and decided to become a Microsoft mobile software
solutions developer. Ana then escaped through a secret passage with a great
deal of psychological, mental, and intellectual fitness, she shot all the
passengers and as she nearly gave up all hope she killed the terrorist and
made it away with minimal injuries.

Buigues read the Chinese translation of Koran all day with the Balkan
leaders in Saudi Arabia and got banished from the country with no mercy and
subscribed for a long training in an illegal paramilitary center in Kashmir,
Ana then met her long lost daughter: Ana Fatah Al Arab, she blew up a truck
with a hand grenade and with the help of undefined worth of forbidden
political and religious literature about Jihad (and other Training Manuals
released by US administration) she killed the terrorist and made it away
with minimal injuries.

abuigues had extremely perverse remote-controlled wireless sex with a local
mobile phone service provider in a desert storm and got locked in a room
full of naked muslim women praying to Allah because she felt like watching
Al Jazeera TV and put her head on the LCD monitor while the Palestinian
militant groups vowed revenge which caused public outcry she published the
website with precise instructions of how to activate a bomb with a satellite
mobile phone and GPS navigation system and just as she hoped she failed the
mission and the terrorists made it away with the Weapons of Mass

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