Ana Buigues
Since the beginning
Works in Puig Playa, Virginia Spain

.Made in Spain. Valencia, 1962.

Ana Buigues is a Ph.D. student in a department of art history at a Canadian university, the name of which -- as Cervantes would say -- she has no desire to call to mind. Her dissertation investigates emotions, intimacy, and subjectivity in relation to technology and

Ana Buigues'CV:

Ana also has an Emotional Mobile Studio --
located halfway through her portable computer, electronic organizer, and cell phone, from which a series of wreadings, meditations, and projects have sprung.
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do you feel what i'm feeling?

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buscamos una salida diplomatica viable

favor de contactar con los responsables



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Sorry to bother you but I am hoping that you might be able to help me, I
found your e-mail address on a chain letter that was sent to me and thought
that as your name was on a chain letter you may have other chain e-mail
letters (forwards) that you could send to me?

I am doing a project at university regarding the different subjects that go
around the Internet on chain e-mail letters and how many people they
actually reach, I would be very grateful if you could send me any that you
have, absolutely anything and everything (even the rude ones).

We are trying to ascertain trends and patterns, also we know that arround
85% of all e-mail is Spam but what we don't know is what percentageof that
85% accounts for chain mail (forwards).

I would also be very grateful if you would be kind enough to forward this
e-mail to all your friends as I need as many as I can get my hands on for
the project to be a success.

This project is based over a year so please keep them coming. I will let you
know the results of my project and when to stop sending.

Your help would very much be appreciated.


Jane Rowlings

Middletown University
Information Technology Studies
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in search of excuses, pretexts, and subtle strategies intended to conceal
also seeking pretenses but in a lesser degree.

the characteristics of light by which the individual is made aware of
objects or light sources through the receptors of the eye, described in
terms of dominant wavelength, luminance, and purity.



not without my daughter

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