Ana Buigues
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Works in Puig Playa, Virginia Spain

.Made in Spain. Valencia, 1962.

Ana Buigues is a Ph.D. student in a department of art history at a Canadian university, the name of which -- as Cervantes would say -- she has no desire to call to mind. Her dissertation investigates emotions, intimacy, and subjectivity in relation to technology and

Ana Buigues'CV:

Ana also has an Emotional Mobile Studio --
located halfway through her portable computer, electronic organizer, and cell phone, from which a series of wreadings, meditations, and projects have sprung.
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FW: Re: what is going on, on nettime?

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Josephine Bosma, "Text for Moscow: Between moderation and extremes. The
tensions between net art theory and popular art discourse," Switch v6 n1
[art journal of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media of the School of Art and
Design at San Jose University] Date of on line publication not available. 9
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Hi, this is Vincent Fourier speaking, and this is a
response to Alan Sondheim's post --
in Vincent Fourier's typical style.



[from "vincent fourier's metapolitical meditations;
beyond good and evil"]

_net.tribes_, 2002

As known, the Internet is just a microcosm of what we
find in the off-line world. The elitist, exclusive
and restrictive practices of joining socio-cultural
tribes is just as strong on the Web as it is in Real
Life. Some Web art mailing lists want to know what is
my involvement with the art of the Web. Art History
lists need to know my academic affiliation and
geographical location, because they like to keep
everything taxonomically organized and tidy. Women's
issues lists request that one defines whether one is a
feminist, postfeminist, cyberfeminist, third wave
feminist, a cybergrrl, a woman, one's sexual
orientation, and other important details. Other lists
feel it is their mission to eradicate the anonymity
practices inherent in the Web and have asked me for my
real name and a short bio to post on their lists.

One of the most bizarre mailing lists I am subscribed
to, and whose name I seem to have forgotten,
constitutes the paradigm of absurdity in their
subscriber's search for a sense of community.
Although there are no restrictions, or questionnaires
to join this list, all sorts of tribulations portray
that space as "un folladero de pavos" -- very coarse
peninsular Spanish expression to refer to a place
where turkeys congregate to engage in copulation.
Springing from their matrix mailing list -




john cusackas watch
alanis morissetteas dictionary
lou as first lover
ben as waitress
lillith as the 5th writer of the ars amatoria
tim robbins as peter pan
noam chomskyas japanese painter
calista flockhartas unicornio
don quixoteas nat king cole
die biene majaas brandon teena
luisas cat
michael mooreas the guy with the camera
mark bellisas belly dancer
mary poppinsas velazquez
johan meskensas flamenco dancer
rowan atkinsonas lewis carroll
ovidas the guy with a cold
valerie giscar d'estaingas alanis morissette's voice (in play back)
virgin maryas madonna in gethsemane

Special thanks to the Bangladesh Pirate Software Association, the Canadian
Council of Saint Pierre et Michelon, Escuela de circo del 'Circo Gran Fele'
(Valencia), and BlockBusters (Madrid).



es poesia urbana




i want to buy what you sell




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