Amy Alexander
Since 2009
Works in United States of America

Amy Alexander is a new media, audiovisual and performance artist who has also worked in film, video, music and information technology. Her current and recent work approaches digital media art from a performing arts perspective, often sitting at the intersection of art and popular culture. Amy’s projects have been presented on the Internet, in clubs and on the street as well as in festivals and museums. She is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego. In summer and fall 2012, she'll be Artist-in-Residence at iotaCenter in Los Angeles.

Amy – who has also worked under the names Cue P. Doll and VJ Übergeek – was a dinos^H^H^H pioneer in the development of software-based net art, beginning in 1996 with the Webby-nominated Multi-Cultural Recycler, a project that spoofed both net celebrity and faux multi-culturalism on the web. In addition to her art projects, she was also a co-founder and moderator of the software art repository and has been active in software art curation.

Amy’s projects have been exhibited at venues ranging from The Whitney Museum, Prix Ars Electronica, Transmediale, SIGGRAPH, and the New Museum to club performances at Sonar (Barcelona), First Avenue (Minneapolis) and Melkweg (Amsterdam). She has performed on the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Zürich, and Aberdeen, Scotland. Her work has been discussed in publications including Wired, The New York Times, Slashdot, Ecrans, Leonardo, The Boston Globe and the Washingon Post.

Amy’s work has been influenced by her background in musical performance, and she’s recently expanded her performance endeavors by studying and performing standup comedy. Besides continuing her VJ performances, she’s recently published texts on audiovisual performance history. In collaboration with Annina Rüst she’s currently performing Discotrope, an audiovisual performance involving solar energy and various histories of dance in cinema. She’s also doing research toward combining her visual performance work with her background as a percussionist in the not-too-distant future.
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Uebergeek and Navasse - CompuCulture VJ/DJ Shows, San Diego and LA

Uebergeek (Amy Alexander) and Navasse (Eduardo Navas) perform their
CompuCulture a la Geek VJ/DJ set

This Monday, July 28th at
Cafe CRCA @ The Reincarnation Building in San Diego
Tuesday August 12th at
The Neighborhood @ The Stone in Los Angeles.

Visuals from VJ Uebergeek's B0timati0n 2 (the Internet Geek VJ) and
Extreme Whitespace (performance typing a la Linux terminal.)

More info:



Venue info, Directions:

CompuCulture - Post-dotcom entertainment...


Post-PATRIOT Magnetic Motto Maker software

Happy Post-4th-of-July! and are pleased to announce the release of
The Post-PATRIOT Magnetic Motto Maker, a new web-filtering, motto-making,
t-shirt-printing, magnet poetry software thingee.

The PPMMM is now available for free download from:

About the PPMMM...
You've probably seen word magnet poetry, the craze that's sweeping
refrigerators around the globe. But did you know that the US Government
uses magnet poetry to assemble its stirring slogans? How else to explain
such eloquence as the full name of the USA PATRIOT Act: "Uniting and
Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept
and Obstruct Terrorism" ....

But, as poetic as the name may be, it turns out the PATRIOT Act has got a
few bugs. Perhaps there are some better alternatives. We think there's
lots more people-rallying slogans out there just waiting to be unearthed.
So we've decided to make magnet poetry motto-making technology available
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With the Post-PATRIOT Magnetic Motto Maker you can publish your slogans
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don't delay, download today!

** - post-dotcom software

DISCUSSION presents: extreme whitespace

extreme whitespace
(read between the lines... ) presents v.1.0 of their perl software, extreme
whitespace. extreme whitespace reveals your linux/unix/macos-x terminal's
natural talent as a VJ instrument. typing as performance, rap, sport -
even reverse karaoke! is dedicated to celebrating deshackled software
development and culture in the post-dotcom renaissance. don't let the
dotcom bust you - cast off your markov chains and start deprogramming!

more on the deprogrammers' lofty views on programming culture and
psychiatric drugs can be found at:

hey! extreme whitespace makes its performance debut featuring Ubergeek on
May 31st at read_me 2.3 in Helsinki.
special bonus: a really wee introduction to BeepMusic.


Interview Yourself,, B0timati0n update

Interview Yourself,, B0timati0n update... and its local affiliates announce the following
up-to-the-minute updates!

** Interview Yourself (now in semi-retirement) leisurely adds
hot new interviews from Brian Mann, Tamara Lai, and Loz from!

** Our new friends, the Deprogrammers at,
have launched their software art debut,
"ep #1 - did the dotcom bust you?"
now available online at

As well as their salute to US foreign policy, Forkwar!
Crash your system the patriotic way!

Read more about deprogramming philosophy at:

Coming Soon:
Deprogramming Presents: The Extreme Typing Project...

** B0timati0n - The Live Internet VJ... for The Geek Age:
Still photos are now online from ENSBA/Paris and Transmediale
performances... find them at ...
and yes, Coming Soon:
Public beta of b0timati0n software!

-- we are family


Plagiarist Fun Fall PR Project PR! Proudly Presents:
The Travesty Corporate PR Infomixer!

Be an InfoDJ at the click of a form button!
Online corporate PR remixing even the musically challenged can enjoy!

An homage to some classic open source software - but with a brand new

Algorithm as commentary! Algorithm as crossfader!
!!!The Algorithm is the Message!!!

And of course, in the Plagiarist Spirit of Christmas: Free Software
Available to create your Very Own InfoMixes!

Read more about it at:
or go straight to the InfoMixer!

That InfoMixer URL again:

Presented by Software distributed in
association with The Yes Men Special Programming Initiatives
Taskforce (The Yes Men SPIT.) Visit the SPIT Boutique at:

The InfoMixer is also splashing in a splash screen near you, at

The Travesty Corporate PR InfoMixer: The Algorithm is the Message - But
It's Kinda Fun Anyway...

Recontextualizing script-kiddyism as net-art for over 1/20 of a century.