Alvaro Arrosamena
Since 2004
Works in Gothenburg Sweden

In between: installation and performance, material and ethereal

Alvaro Arrosamena's concept of art embraces a breathtaking range of disciplines, constantly interacting with one another. Paintings, installations, performances, film and multimedia are the tools he uses to express his own vision of the world, where different aspects of popular cultures, traditions and transgressions are common. He integrates spiritual and socio-political subjects to analyze the problems of identity, social integration, acceptance and assimilation in today's multi-racial western society. Influences and taboos related to mass culture, the subversive, the minorities, subcultures, forbidden spirituality and the occult.

His interdisciplinary activities manifest the interaction of the human body and the spiritual, placed in a spatial temporal context, which is reflective of social, political and cultural, and even personal, religious or psychological issues. This results in a variety of multi-media art with the performance as a motor, creating more complex projects, sometimes as a studio activity or as a public performance.

The implications of the interplay between body and space in their different manifestations, give rise to the production of these "communication processes" where Arrosamena arrives to transmit a kind of sacred occult message and makes us partake of legendary expressions with spiritual and human contexts.

Most of the time he and/or his group, transform the spaces where they perform; playing with communication at an emotive level. Other times the performers invade a specific place and transmit political or social concepts to analyze a specific problem. A more abstract and aesthetical performance like real-time painting and collective creations are common for Arrosamena too.

His work in "rituals" defines a place that our culture calls irrational and subjective and present us with works of art that analyze the otherness, the occult or even the questioning of gender values or cultural taboos in western society. In these activities the audience form part of the installation and experience a variety of feelings and emotions during the session. This includes music, dance and ritualistic expressions where female and male performers often head some kind of participatory animistic ceremonies.

His complex projects often encompass the participation of performers, musicians, technicians and others.

He presented several art performances, public performances and rituals in various locations in Sweden, Thailand, Laos and Uruguay. The artist sees the performance like the nexus of all art disciplines and an active tool for the fluid communication between the magic moment of creation and individuals in society

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Re: Artist-in-Residence Program, Chicago, IL

hello! my name is Alvaro, artist from Uruguay, living and working in Gothemburg, Sweden. Iam interested in the possibilities you offer in your program and should be nice to have more information about that...
If you want to know more about my work, please go to
Best regards.