Alissa is a Brooklyn-based choreographer, dancer and teacher. Her company, Red Dot Dance (formally AVtv Creations), which she co-created with cinematographer Victor Lazaro, is a movement based company creating work for both stage and film. Alissa's choreography has been featured in short films and music videos, and has been shown at CPR, Spoke the Hub, Green Space, WAH Center (NY), Provincetown Theater (MA) and Bates College (ME). She currently dances with Barbara Mahler, and has also had the pleasure of working with John Carrafa, Heather McArdle, Regina Nejman and Yina Ng. Alissa studied Bharatanatyam with Ranjana Rao (US) and Harsha Vardhini (IN), and most notably performed at the Sarveswarar Temple in Madurai, India. Alissa also has experience in various aspects of the dance field including publicity, writing and filmmaking. Alissa enjoys sharing her innate passion for dance through teaching. She currently teaches at PS 107, Westchester Ballet Center for the Performing Arts, and is a regular substitute for Barbara Mahler's Stretch and Placement classes at Movement Research.

As the daughter of a dancer-artist duo, Alissa grew up surrounded by art, and was always encouraged to create her own fun. Instinctually, she danced. Movement was, and still is, a form of play. Alissa allows emotion to spark movement, and is particularly interested in the body's musculoskeletal connections. Her study of Bharatanatyam has inspired unique rhythm, articulation, and story-telling in her work. She always imagines dances from multiple vantage points, and thus loves making dances for film.