Alison Lewis
Since 2002
Works in New York, Nebraska United States of America

Alison is the author of the DIY electronic craft book Switch Craft: Battery Powered Crafts to Make and Sew. She holds a graduate degree from Parsons School of Design where she teaches fashion technology and fashion communication. As an electronic and media consultant, she integrates movement, sound, and light into museum and exhibit design. In her spare time she works to bring technology to the masses by working on her own show SWITCH and being the techno-fashionista guru for Verizon FiOS’s television show MyHome2.0.

Alison is a designer with a passion for fashion, beauty and the digital lifestyle and you can find out more about her and her work at
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Videos and Interviews

+ Student looking for Video interviews, documentaries or introductions to the digital art world.

If anyone knows where I can find such videos please let me know. I would like to present them to my class as an introduction to either physical computing (digital art), or motion graphics.

Thank you,