alex hetherington
Since 2001
Works in United States of America

Alex Hetherington is a performance-based visual artist and writer. He is currently producing a performance work developed as a result of an Alt-W Award from New Media Scotland, which includes a workshop project with Franko B at Tramway, Glasgow and a residency at Creative Lab, CCA and a performance project funded by Glasgow Visual Arts Award in collaboration with Cath Whippey. Forthcoming includes I AM KURIOUS ORANGE at David Cunningham Projects, San Francisco, curated by Anne Colvin, and a collaborative documentation project for the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. Recent exhibitions and work include The Colony Room, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, Skank Bloc Bologna, Tart, San Francisco, Videoholica, Varna, Bulgaria, Fools in Print, Edinburgh and a year-long residency at Callendar House, Falkirk, Scotland, which included the installation Meddle with the Devil, the performance House/Lights (which also screens at OPA 0.2, Bios, Athens, Greece, May 2009) with guests TutVuVu, Jim Colquhoun and Mikaela Skosberg and the group show Mineral Park, a self-generating video installation with the principally US-based artists Anne Colvin, Lewis Holleran, Lucy Keany, John Sebastian Vitale, Desirée Holman and Zefrey Throwell. He writes for numerous publications in the UK and USA on subjects such as Starship, Berlin, Joan Jonas, Cell Space, London, Catherine Sullivan, Dexter Sinister and Mark Raidpere and has received commissions to write for among others Site Gallery, Sheffield on Brigid Mc Leer, Tate Liverpool on The Fifth Floor Projects, Liverpool Biennale Independents on Gino Saccone, Nina Edge, Adam Nankervis and Nadim Karam, and Transmission, Glasgow on Ellen Cantor. He lives and works in Scotland and California. His new project HEAVY INFLUENCE, will be presented at ESW, Edinburgh Art Festival 2009 alongside his performance A MILLION LIES; ONCE AND ONLY REVEALED AFTER DEATH (TRIANGLE OF NEED), 27 August 2009.

My practice scrutinizes the context and reading of the pre-existing image, performance, film, subject and the nature of the 'exhibition' using improvisation, re-enactment, commingled materials, synchronization, research, collage and forms of ambiguous self-analysis, the self-portrait and an examination of the ‘reference’. I operate within a framework led by technology, research, process and performance (video, sound, web, blogs, self-publishing, print, film, live art) and a practice that absorbs multiple roles including writer, producer, curator, performer, researcher, artist, editor using these tactics to develop processes through which multiple and complex synchronized outcomes can be reached. I often synchronize critical writing, and the procedure of its investigation, with a nascent curatorial practice absorbing these experiences into the construction of my principally media-based performance work. This individual practice, research and approach is developed, as a continuum, to outputs in public art, socially-engaged projects and education work investigating and recording these often abrasive genres within my principal concerns.