Alexandro RojasSanders
Since 2009
Works in Denver United States of America

I was born and raised in Mexico City in a middle class society, right on the edge between the somewhat wealthy neighborhoods and the not so privileged ones; thus I had friends from both ends. I studied photography in the best private school of photography in Mexico at the time (Escuela Activa de Fotografia) At a young age I decided that I did not want to stay all my life in the city; however, life was not easy, and my dream did not consolidate until I was 25, when a cousin of mine sold me a cheap ticket to go to Europe. Once in "The Old Continent" I ripped my return ticket and found a way to survive. I had to learn a new language and meet people. I did have some contacts of European friends or their relatives, and many names come to my mind when I want to appreciate my guardian angels at that time. From Europe I was able to travel to Asia a few times. Nepal is still my favorite place of all, and part of my life and heart remains in Ticino, the beautiful Italian part of Switzerland!