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after ten years of film business alexandra reill focused on the development of experimenteal new media projects and - with a special view on interactive dramaturgies - transported all activities to the online platform kanonmedia, orginally founded in 1996 as the gallery kanon, situated in vienna / austria. today kanonmedia serves as a networking / content providing / exhibition platform for innovative & experimental new media projects as much as for the presentation of inhouse productions.
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REAL ONES ALWAYS SURVIVE or WOULD WE SAY NO? IV takes back to the street

Thu Sep 10, 2009 00:00 - Sun Sep 06, 2009


The media artist Alexandra Reill together with a team of four cultural and social workers takes back to the street with the socio-cultural project REAL ONES ALWAYS SURVIVE or WOULD WE SAY NO? IV. The interdisciplinary team meets on Elterleinplatz in 1170 Vienna on Sep. 10, 2009 and goes into dialogue against historic and contemporary racism with people in the street.

[Post] cards with images and text quotations out of the media showing the bluntness of prejudices and populist arguments used by racist forces at all times are given to people passing by to do their daily shopping.

With their historic text and image citations, the cards document the situation of unemployed people in the 30ies, Nazi propaganda on the term work and enthusiasm of a vast majority of the Viennese population for the "Anschluß" 1938.

Contemporary motifs are compared to today's polemics surrounding the issue of work and prosperity, areas of social life, still and again strongly used by racist forces defaming and segregating people with different cultural backgrounds without any differentiation, having gone so far lately that they show their preparedness to threaten and kill people.

The card objects point out how deceptive populism is and acts but how powerful it is in its influence on attitudes of people. In this context, the question of how deeply rooted fascistoid and racist attitudes are in Viennese populations, is not blocked out. Not only prompted by current incidents in Austrian society but also on a long-term basis a sustained analysis of contemporary anti-semitism and racism in everyday thinking and language is an issue.

The white cube is probably the wrong place, and maybe contemporary cultural production took to the street a long time ago. In any case, for the transdisciplinary and socio-cultural profile of this project the artistic approach of intervening in public space and directly encountering people works particularly well. As a sign of communication in public space and as a reminder sign in kitchens and living rooms, the printed [post] card itself as much as the changing of the cards from one hand to the other opens up the possibility of outreach to people, mobile discourse and open dialogue. With her project REAL ONES ALWAYS SURVIVE or WOULD SAY NO? IV, a fourth adaptation of the original sequence installed in shops and restaurants in Kirchengasse and Siebensterngasse in 1070 Vienna in autumn 2008, Alexandra Reill stands up to everyday racism and xenophobia, prejudice and populist polemic and the fear of the unknown.

REAL ONES ALWAYS SURVIVE or WOULD SAY NO? IV is supported by the following Municipalities:

1020 Vienna 1030 Vienna 1040 Vienna 1050 Vienna
1070 Vienna 1090 Vienna 1160 Vienna 1170 Vienna

At this point we would also like to thank Mission Ignition Kagran and Südwind who hosted the project in the context of the socio-cultural interventions on MIK Genochmarkt and within the framework of the Südwind Festival during the tour through several districts in Vienna in June 2009.


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Light Towers (2009) - Thomas Galloway

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quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts

Wed Aug 05, 2009 00:00 - Wed Aug 05, 2009

quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts
online publication series on facebook based on daily updates since august 3, 2009-

the structure of facebook as a social networking tool and magazine with decentralized notes, essays and media publications, in a mixture of private and public statements coming from all kinds of content fields, enhances the concept of short daily updating and interactive communication.

Walter Benjamins essay Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts relates to interdependencies of media technologies coming up in XIX. century and having an influence of society and the arts in early XX. century. The essay is pioneering and many approaches of rethinking structures of society still seem to apply to the information age in its current states.

the concept of daily short quotes on the theme, afresh introducing the approaches of one of the most pioneering philosophers of the early XX. century on a social networking platform like facebook with its millions of members might be a socially effective contemporary approach to give new appreciation to the ouevre of Walter Benjamin in all its contemporary relevance.

the daily short notice creates different attention and ways of perception than reading a book. it will be interesting to experience actions and reactions on Walter Benjamin's ideas and reflections today, in such an interactive framework as an online web 2.0 platform. quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts is a communication project applying a social networking tool to interactively discuss developments of European society in the early XXI. century while experimenting with new forms of perception.


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Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices.

Thu Jul 02, 2009 00:00 - Thu Jul 02, 2009


Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices.
Kunst im Trend. Artists’ Voices.

a study conducted by Alexandra Reill and produced by kanonmedia amongst international and Austrian artists on their self-understanding and definitions of their roles and functions in society as well as on their earning capacity and a research on contemporary developments of Creative Industries culture policies on EC- and national levels
German version accepted by and now available on Amazon:

also visit:

Participating Artists and Cultural Workers

Our thxs go to all artists who participated anonymously in the survey Art Following the Trend? Artists' Voices.

Participants in [Public] Video Interviews and Panels:

Michael Aichhorn, painter/actor/director, A
Evrim Asutay, singer/actress, TR
Stefan Bläske, theater researcher, A
Sini Coreth, fine artist, A
Ricarda Denzer, video artist/film maker, A
Korhan Erel, sound artist, TR
Murat Ergin, painter, TR
Heidulf Gerngross, architect, A
Genco Gülan, performer/media artist, TR
Yesim Gülan, actress/theater director, TR
Amina Handke, participative media broadcasting, A
Kurt Hofstetter, media artist, A
Leander Kaiser, painter/philosopher, A
Gerald Kofler, journalist/photographer, A
Tina Leisch, theater-/film director, A
Franziska Maderthaner, fine artist, A
Elizabeth McGlynn, fine artists, A
Alexander Nikolic, film maker/communication guerilla, cosmopolitan
PRINZGAU/podgorschek, art in public space/concept art/fine art, A
Barbara Putz-Plecko, art & art pedagogics, A
Marie Ringler, cultural policies, A
Stylianos Schicho, painter, A
Marika Schmidt, film maker, A
Walter Stach, fine artist/art mediator, A
Paul Stepan, culture economist, A
Eve Tsirigotakis, TV journalist, GR
Leen Vandereyken, author/theater director, B
Frederik de Wilde, media artist, B
Michael Wimmer, art mediator, A
Herbert Wulz, in-/exformatic designer, A

Participants in the Public Text Interviews:

Nicole Baier, film-/video-/media artist, A
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, mixed media/video installationen, THA
Anita Hafner, visual artist, A
Jeremy Hight, concept art/text/music, US
Salvatore Iaconesi, artistically inclined being/process art/media artist, I
Mandana Alavi Kia, dancer/performer/singer/painter, IR
Brigitte Neufeldt, media artist, D
Alexander Stanzel, fine artist/photography, A
Myriam Thyes, media artist, D

Concept, coordination, moderation, research and study: Alexandra Reill
Technical Coordination Live Interview Screenings: Herbert Wulz
Camera: Katharina Ebner, Markus Mitmesser, Alexandra Reill, Eve Tsirigotakis, Oscar Wlaschitz
Transcriptions/Editing: Alexandra Reill
Production: kanonmedia
12/24, richtergasse, a 1070 vienna,
call: ++43-[0]6991-820 70 03, mailto:
Art Following the Trend? Artists' Voices. was supported
by the Department of Science and Research
and the Department Local Acitivities 1070 Vienna
of the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna.
Our thxs also go to and the company datonet for supporting us with cost-free webspace, the company 3 ELEMENTS for free support with technical event equipment, WordPress and the surface designer of Blue Moon 1.0 Stephen Reinhardt fot being able to use the CMS under a free license.
Vienna/Gümüslük, 2006-2008
ngo for new media
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