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Works in Vienna Austria

after ten years of film business alexandra reill focused on the development of experimenteal new media projects and - with a special view on interactive dramaturgies - transported all activities to the online platform kanonmedia, orginally founded in 1996 as the gallery kanon, situated in vienna / austria. today kanonmedia serves as a networking / content providing / exhibition platform for innovative & experimental new media projects as much as for the presentation of inhouse productions.
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Re: No "NO WAR"

participating in the idea of changing the index through spreading the word
of the idea on our index and via email and interrupting all site activities
cheers, a
ps: great initiative!

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From: "Eryk Salvaggio" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 8:17 PM

> I can't say I know what the right thing to do about the war is, as an
> artist. But as an editor I've always had a fairly good idea. After 9/11 I
> kept 1000 Ridiculous Tragedies going because I figured the diversion and
> constancy was what the world needed, now, I feel the exact opposite, and
> have put up a strike page. I didn't use the future farmers template
> I feel like the slogan "NO WAR" is really kind of obvious, I don't know
> anyone consciously "wants" war besides a few 15 year old kids who watch
> news after playing "First Strike" for a few hours. I think the people who
> support the war are people that think that the war is "a neccessary evil."
> And of course, the deep seated subconscious bloodlust innate in the
> of human beings is not something that can be reached by anyone but
> themselves, even if people have no idea about that and no idea of where to
> start "looking" in order to get rid of that. [Not to mention, personally,
> the task of finding my own empathy- why it is that I say "I need to do
> something about this" but never actually do anything about it, why I
> I can "change the world" without touching it.]
> So my index consists of letters from Rachel Corrie, lifted from the
> Guardian. [Rachel Green had sent me the link.] Not just because she is a
> martyr- which is something I am worried about perpetuating- but because
> are really well written first hand accounts of what is going on over
> there.While the Palestinian / Israeli conflict has little to directly do
> with the war on Saddam, it was still Rachel Corrie- as per my last post-
> that made me realize I wasn't doing anything, not really, and to try to be
> authentic in who I was and how I presented myself, and to try to abandon
> bits of who I am that are fraudulent. Which is a whole lot, and I think
> that's true of everyone, but that is what war is about.
> This war is probably, really, not about oil or money or revenge, so much
> it is about neither the USA or the Iraqi government being willing to
> that they are caught up in thier own ego agendas, the American Government
> refusing to admit its embargos are killing children, and the Iraqi
> Government refusing to admit they are a smaller, less powerful part of the
> world than they desire. You have these denials in place up and down the
> board in people, the secretaries and the phone operators, as well as the
> presidents and representatives, all wanting to believe they are working
> the side that stands for and does "the right thing." And I am not
> relativity, or that everything is subjective, I'm saying this denial gets
> the way of accepting what they're actually doing. Neither side can admit
> this, so there will be violence to determine who is to blame for violence.
> The winner gets to look thier best in whatever instance the theatre is
> played out on in thier heads.
> The fact that entire governments get swept up into these games that are
> usually played out only in one on one relationships is a dangerous sign of
> what "solidarity" and "speaking with one voice" can do on a global scale.
> Which is why I don't want to start any mass movements or take part in
> particularly one with a single minded message of "who is right, who is
> wrong," which is what the "NO WAR" banner does. What about our role in the
> war? What about our indirect support of the governments involved? If we
> dedicated to ending war, there are a lot of things I could do, but I don't
> do them because they are uncomfortable.
> So I am not putting up the "No War" banner because I don't want to simply
> satiate myself. I want to actually work on finding the ways I indirectly
> support war- and this is in my finances and my taxes, as well as it is in
> own brain and my own relationships with others, instead of masking that up
> with simple slogans and peace "actions". I have always been good at
> pretending I am peaceful, pretending I am concerned, pretending I "do the
> right things" or that I "do more than most people so it's okay." I mean
> that's blindness, really. And I feel that, quite simply put, the only
> "action" I can take at this level- since I am still driven by the need to
> "do something", is to get people to ask themselves honest questions with
> and to find the truth of who they are when it comes to this one subject.
> I can't even do that, really, but Rachel Corrie can, so I'm giving up that
> tiny little part of the internet, that part of my "voice time," to let her
> do it, and I am hoping that that is the right thing to do, while I sort
> stuff out for myself.
> -e.
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> From: "t.whid" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 9:39 AM
> Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: NO WAR campaign
> > archive of this post:
> >
> >
> > NO WAR campaign
> > And why won't be taking part.
> >
> > FutureFarmers have replaced their homepage with an anti-war homepage
> > that says simply 'NO WAR' with links to resources and other 'NO WAR'
> > pages.
> >
> > I can't put into the campaign because I don't believe in
> > the ideology behind the message. The <title> of the page reads "NO
> > BLOOD FOR OIL AND PROFIT!!!", I believe this is an overly simplistic
> > view of our current situation and a dangerous view to espouse. I
> > don't oppose the war for pacifist or ideological reasons, I oppose it
> > for security reasons. This war is going to make the world a more
> > dangerous place IMO. Also, the simple message of 'NO WAR' would lead
> > people to believe that I oppose all wars, but I don't. Sometimes
> > violence must be met with violence in order to achieve greater aims
> > (WWII being the example that everyone drags out).
> >
> > So, the FutureFarmer's 'NO WAR' message will not replace's
> > index page, I'm not sure if M.River agrees with me but I maintain
> > and I feel I'm allowed to make the decision.
> >
> > I encourage anyone who agrees with the ideology to take part. IMO the
> > message was simply sloppily crafted. I want my web site to give
> > information that's a bit more complex than what can fit on a picket
> > sign.
> > --
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Re: Re: RHIZOME_RARE: Re: Rhizome @ DEAF03

lovely, marc

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From: "marc.garrett" <>
To: "Michael Szpakowski" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 6:19 PM
Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: RHIZOME_RARE: Re: Rhizome @ DEAF03

> I agree,
> Obviously Net Art Clique circles do not reside on the list has
> been pre-ordianed it seems - not open for discussion. May be the list
> are just income-based space fillers, and not necessarily people that the
> Rhizome gang wish to explore new opportunities with. I think that this is
> quite obvious really...
> Even if we are based in Europe, and could offer strong links and
> ideas/funding regarding such ventures. The reality is, that it is much
> to do with institutional connections rather than bottom up creativity.
> Therefore those who are pretty good at getting imaginative things going
> do not have the immediate institutional clout will be left on the
> side-lines, sounds familiar? Or grudgingly taken into the fold because
> are a pain the ass as a niggling enemy.
> To be honest, Michael - there are other ventures that are
> happening/formulating right now that we ourselves are involved in, and we
> not isolate anyone - whatever their backgrounds or connections. People are
> always under the deluded impression that if someone has the connections
> they will be useful - not always true. We are more interested in
> compassionate, explorative individuals and what they can offer on their
> terms with their own directed energy, this opens up avenues to make
> things happen. The beauty of creating something special is that there is
> real love generosity involved and not just connection based concepts. That
> is what makes things work - people will learn this sooner or later, to
> a good working relationship with others is not just by curriculum based
> snobism. We have a group right now in the UK who are getting together to
> form somethiing that people can truly feel part of, and it will
> significantly challenge insitutional 'default divide and rule'
> If you really want to change things, you start with people - not academics
> alone. People are the source and the reason to do anything worthwhile.
> topple this cynical rome!
> daring to want a less isolationist world...
> marc
> >
> > <We are particularly
> > > interested in
> > > discussing the potential emergence of a Rhizome node
> > > or offshoot in Europe.>
> > Hmmm -I think I know what you mean Mark, but for those
> > of us in old Europe who've been enthusiastic
> > participants in both list and artbase for a good while
> > it might have been put perhaps a little more
> > diplomatically - it would be nice to have a discussion
> > about it on the list, or a set of proposals/thoughts
> > on the site, for those of us whom work or cash
> > precludes 'being in the Rotterdam hood'
> > best
> > Michael
> >
> >
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Re: young

Re: RHIZOME_RAW: youngtoo short, a

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From: miguel leal
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 2:07 PM
Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: young

Try to express your opinion short.

So short?


play SAVE / SAFE online : press release

press release: english version
borderlining as a contemporary phenomenon
a collaborative study

play SAVE / SAFE on

theme & concept:
SAVE / SAFE researches human states-of-being related to the impact of New
Technologies on the perception and self-consciousness of individual
existence. The main figure Anna serves as a 'modern' individual describing
situative experience and personal interpretations of emotionally perceived
situations occurring during her journey through Oceania.

Using the atmosphaeric background of a journey to Oceania - a context of
highly social municipal communities still existing on many of the
geographically isolated Polynesian islands and a westernized New Zealand
having integrated all attitudes of 'modern' life - SAVE / SAFE compares
Anna's individual experience to results of the scientific research of
philosophy, psychology, ethics, sociology and new media theory.

Citations out of technical literature form contemporary conclusions related
to the development of the 3rd industrial revolution and reflect and mirror
Anna's individual perception. Anna is a representative of a majority of
humans not having realized yet the subversive progressing of so-called
post-human conditioning. She still thinks of many components of her self as
personal traits of character while they are a direct expression of
post-human existence strongly being enhanced through the influence of
digital interactivity, thus excessively strengthening logical thinking &
ratio as prioritary approach to life.

* The cultural container representing itself to society today and going to
reign the 21st century ... is characterized by substitutional relations
based on the central involvement with information technology, pursued from
a position of pseudo-autism ... With the decay of inter-personal culture
and the expansion of IT-controlled substitutes of inter-relation only one
mass container is left for and generally accepted by a borderlining
majority: the unavoidable search for the ego and for techniques allowing
the construction of identity. *

* J. Erik Mertz, in: Borderline - weder tot noch lebendig, 2000

Anna tells the story of a journey into the center of her self, embedded in
the story of her journey to the other end of the world. Her central theme
is the nature of ego and non-ego, the relevance of involvement and
interaction, and the meaning of non-attachment.

** What really does authenticity of personal development mean ? Having it
worked through for so many years, it finally emerges - this realization of
a self, leading to autonomy and self-control of authority in the framework
of a society demanding for autonomous responsibility and respecting it.
Which sense though does this authenticity make, if with its final acquiring
its inner character proves to be fluid and transparent, if personal vanity,
ego-profiling and the exertion of authority having become a natural option
prove to be nothing but accessories of again dependent, mechanistic
existence, thus loosing significance completely ? **

** Alexandra Reill, Anna in: SAVE / SAFE, 2002

*** While in the framework of old value systems the individual always has
been subject to communal models, developed themselves by individuals again,
in the context of new orientation amongst other components something like
'altruistic individualism' is emerging.***

*** Ulrich Beck, aus: Kinder der Freiheit, 1998

the SAVE / SAFE platform: a collaborative playground
SAVE / SAFE transports its content through textual content expressing
itself not only via wording but strongly through atmosphere created via
visual design and interactive structure.

The database application SAVE / SAFE is a reading machine mirroring through
its structure contemporary conditioning, thus provoking the user to
consciously read without reading, understand without analyzing, experience
without touching. SAVE / SAFE uses structure not only for the transport of
data - it is a reading automat.

At the same time, the SAVE / SAFE machine is a community based on
democratic principles. As much as SAVE / SAFE can be viewed in a linear way
or by individual intuition it lets you use all material contained to
recompose and edit it or to upload newly created content to your personally
created thread of individual views on the themes of borderlining & post -

PLAY SAVE / SAFE on, non - profit org. for new media
singapur / sydney / new zealand / fiji / western samoa / vienna
2000 - 2003

non - profit org for new media
amadeus house
99_48, mariahilfer st.
a-1060 vienna
call: ++43 - 1 - 920 70 03
sorry for cross postings.for unsubscribing from our info mailer
just click reply and say 'unsubscribe'in the header.


SAVE / SAFE opening: 31.01.03

Borderlining als zeitgenoessisches Phaenomen
eine online-Studie


31.01.03, 19:00, FUTURE GARDEN, SCHADEKGASSE 6, 1060 WIEN
incl. oceanic audiomix by mono 201

local installation: 01.02.03 bis 10.02.03 / tgl. ab 19:00


SAVE / SAFE onlining: 31/01/03, 19:00 MEZ. for preview + foto visit:

Der Verlust an magischem Denken zugunsten einer prioritaeren Ausbildung des
logischen Denkens ist Thema von SAVE / SAFE. Die Bildung von Identitaet auf
der Basis rational gepraegter Denkstrukturen wird anhand von Bezuegen zu
Grundfragen kuenstlerischen Schaffens und Kreativarbeit erforscht. SAVE /
SAFE untersucht menschliches Sein vor dem Hintergrund zielgerichteter
Globalisierung und leistungsorientiertem IT-Zeitalter.

Die Hauptfigur Anna dient als Ausgangspunkt einer Narration, im Rahmen w
elcher situative, subjektive Situationsbeschreibungen den Anlass zu
Ueberlegungen anlaesslich des zentralen Einflusses der Neuen Technologien
auf Wahrnehmung und logisches bzw. emotionales Denken bieten. SAVE / SAFE
vergleicht aktuelle Ergebnisse aus Medienforschung und Soziologie sowie der
aktuellen Borderline-Forschung mit Wahrnehmungen / Empfindungen Annas, die
ihr als Individuum oft noch gar nicht als typisches Symptom sogenannt
post-humaner Befindlichkeit erscheinen.

**** Der kulturelle Behaelter, der sich aktuell anbietet und das 21.
Jahrhundert beherrschen wird, naemlich ... die aus einer pseudoautistischen
Position betriebene informationstechnologische Surrogat-Beziehung, kommen
der Borderlinekrankheit sehr weit entgegen. .... Mit dem Zerfall der
allgemeinen Beziehungskultur und der Expansion informationstechnologischer
Beziehungssurrogate bleibt der Borderlinemehrheit eigentlich nur noch ein
einziger, allgemein akzeptierter Grosscontainer: Die allfaellige Suche nach
dem Ich bzw. nach Techniken, die eine Konstruktion von Identitaet
ermoeglichen. ****

**** J. Erik Mertz, aus: Borderline - weder tot noch lebendig, 2000

Annas Geschichte ist eine Reise in das Zentrum ihres Seins, eingebettet in
eine Reise an das andere Ende der Welt - nach Ozeanien. Das Spannungsfeld
zwischen kommunalen Gesellschaftsstrukturen, die im polynesischen
Kulturraum aufgrund isolierter Inselgemeinschaften nach wie vor in
Grundzuegen erhalten ist, und einem kolonialisierten, westlich gepraegten
Neuseeland bildet den provokativen Hintergrund fuer Annas Suche nach der
Natur des Egos, nach der Natur des Non-Egos, nach der Bedeutung von
Verflechtungen, nach der Bedeutung von Non-Attachment.

** Was bedeutet authentische Selbstverwirklichung ? Ueber lange Jahre
profund erarbeitet, stellt sie sich ein, diese Autonomie im menschlichen
Sein und in einer Gesellschaftsform, die Selbstaendigkeit fordert und
anerkennt. Doch welchen Sinn ergibt diese endlich erworbene Autonomie, wenn
sich ihr grundlegender Charakter als fluid und transparent erweist, wenn
persoenliche Eitelkeit, Ego-Profilierung und Machtansprueche sich als
Beiwerk abhaengigen, mechanistischen Seins herausstellen und vollkommen an
Bedeutung verlieren ? **

** Alexandra Reill, textsample aus SAVE / SAFE, 2002

Seins- und Existenzfragen sind Annas Lebenselixier, taeglich durchlaeuft
sie Sinnfragen, die sie befluegeln, die die Kraft ihres kreativen Schaffens
ausmachen, sie die Urgruende menschlichen Seins erforschen lassen. Eine
Analyse ergibt deutliche Hinweise auf eine Borderline - Symptomatik.
Philosophische Fragen ruecken in einen spezifischen Kontext.

Die Struktur von SAVE / SAFE selbst will aktueller Ausdruck digital
gepraegter Kommunikationstechniken sein:

Anna etwa ***** wuerde in ihrem Kopfkino von einem hausgemachten Endlosfilm
ueberrannt werden, der aus ... imaginativen Fotos und Videos besteht, die
in locker verknuepften Assoziationsketten schnell vor ihrem inneren Auge
ablaufen, gestoppt und wieder gestartet werden, Fotographisch flache
Bilder, die sich mit anderen Bildern montieren lassen. *****

***** J. Erik Mertz, aus: Borderline - weder tot noch lebendig, 2000

Seinsfragen - alte Fragen der Menschheit - welche Rolle spielen sie im
digitalen Zeitalter? Eine Aufarbeitung des Themas mit digitalen Mitteln
muss eine kritische Beleuchtung von Sinn und Rolle beinhalten, die digitale
Technologien mit ihrem gesellschaftsveraendernden Einfluss auf Denkweise
und Haltung des Menschen im Konsumzeitalter des jungen 21. Jahrhunderts

SAVE / SAFE benutzt eine datenbankgesteuerte Navigation und aus dem
Internet bekannte Technologien, die inzwischen zu klassischen Methoden der
Fragmentierung geworden sind. Die Fragmentierung einer Narration wird durch
die Navigationsstruktur und die visuelle Gestaltung von SAVE / SAFE bewusst
noch verstaerkt, i.e. Verkleinerung von Bildmaterial zu minimalistisch
kleinen Darstellungen in serienhafter Anordnung, Spiegelung narrativer
Situationen und subjektiver Schilderungen durch sachliche Zitate aus der
Fachliteratur, Verflechtung von narrativen, dokumentatorischen und
interaktiven Prinzipien.

Das Datenbankprojekt SAVE / SAFE ist eine Lesemaschine - ein Leseautomat,
der durch seine Struktur selbst zeitgenoessisches Verhalten spiegelt: Lesen
ohne lesen zu muessen, Verstehen, ohne analysiert zu haben, einen Eindruck
gewinnen, ohne erlebt zu haben.

Gleichzeitig ist SAVE / SAFE eine community: auf demokratischer Basis kann
jeder User seine subjektiven Standpunkte zu Borderlining als
zeitgenoessisches Phaenomen im Zuge solcher Stroemungen wie Post - Humanity
posten. Der User kann jegliches Textmaterial via Upload in die community
eintragen oder bestehendes Material mit edit veraendern und zum eigenen
machen. Ziel der community ist, subjektive Positionen zum Thema
Borderlining & Post - Humanity vorzustellen, die in moeglichster Freiheit
vom anonymen User erarbeitet werden.

Die Idee zu SAVE / SAFE und der narrative Plot stammen von Alexandra Reill.
Inhaltliche Recherche, dramaturgische Struktur und Textarbeit wurden von
Alexandra Reill durchgefuehrt.

Navigationsstruktur und strukturelles Konzept stammen von Herbert Wulz und
Alexandra Reill. Die Programmierung von SAVE / SAFE wurd von Herbert Wulz /
Anna Wulz von der Wulz & Meesen OEG durchgefuehrt.

Das visuelle Ausgangsmaterial wurde von Alexandra Reill /

Fuer die grafische Gestaltung und das Surface Design von SAVE / SAFE
zeichnet der Screen Designer Sascha Schloegl / Im Bereich
Visual Editing ist Thierry Robert zu nennen.

Der Bereich Onlining & Testing wurde von Alexandra Reill betreut.

Die Produktionsleitung liegt bei Christian Henner-Fehr und Alexandra Reill. dankt dem Team und der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, mit
deren Unterstuetzung SAVE / SAFE produziert werden konnte.

Pressekontakt: Alexandra Reill, non - profit org. for new media
singapur / sydney / new zealand / fiji / western samoa / vienna
2000 - 2003
non - profit org for new media
amadeus house
99_48, mariahilfer st.
a-1060 vienna
call: ++43 - 1 - 920 70 03
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