alexandra reill
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after ten years of film business alexandra reill focused on the development of experimenteal new media projects and - with a special view on interactive dramaturgies - transported all activities to the online platform kanonmedia, orginally founded in 1996 as the gallery kanon, situated in vienna / austria. today kanonmedia serves as a networking / content providing / exhibition platform for innovative & experimental new media projects as much as for the presentation of inhouse productions.
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Fw: Taking Our Message Further

----- Original Message -----
From: "Eli Pariser," <>
To: "Alexandra Reill" <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 12:06 AM
Subject: Taking Our Message Further

> Dear MoveOn member,
> The last few days have been simply astounding. Over 166,000 of
> us have signed the letter to President Bush asking him to let
> the inspections work. Then over 14,000 of us chipped in nearly
> $370,000 to support an Iraq advertising campaign, which will
> kick off with a full-page copy of our letter in the New York
> Times this week.
> Of course, that'll just be the beginning. The incredible
> generosity with which folks have contributed to the Let the
> Inspections Work media campaign allows us to stretch out in
> directions that were previously out of reach. We'll make sure
> that our message is heard.
> We're working with Fenton Communications to dramatically expand
> our print ad campaign. On Thursday, we'll be running our ad
> nationally in USA Today. And later this week, we'll be
> co-sponsoring another New York Times ad, signed by prominent
> public figures. We can't give you details on that yet -- it's
> embargoed until a press conference on Tuesday.
> But we're not stopping at newspapers. Next week, we'd like to
> run ads on radio stations in Washington, DC. And because we're
> a grassroots organization, we'd like your help in coming up with
> them.
> Are you an aspiring playwright? Professional ad man or woman?
> Writer? None of the above? Take a crack at a 60-second script
> for a radio ad with the "Let the Inspections Work" theme. Post
> it to our radio ads ActionForum (below) by Wednesday at 12:00 PST,
> and rate what other folks have posted. We'll scour the best ideas
> from this forum when we decide what to put on the air in
> Washington, DC. It could mean airtime for your script.
> You can post your ad script and rate other folks' ads at:
> Beyond radio, here's how our campaign will shape up over the coming
> week:
> * When the New York Times ad runs, we'll make a storm of phone
> calls -- thousands -- which will increase its visibility and impact.
> * Later, we'll work together to write thousands of letters to the
> editor, one of the most effective ways of getting free political
> press.
> * On Wednesday, we're helping to launch the Keep America Safe/Win
> Without War coalition, a group of major civic organizations
> including the NAACP, the National Organization for Women, the
> National Council of Churches, and a number of other organizations.
> The coalition will publicize and organize a mainstream grassroots
> opposition to the Bush plans for pre-emptive, unilateral war.
> The momentum for letting the inspections work is clearly building.
> Thank you for being part of what is already an amazing campaign.
> Sincerely,
> --Eli, Peter, Wes, Joan, and Carrie
> December 9th, 2002
> P.S. If you eagerly went out and bought a copy of the Times today,
> like we did, you'll notice that our letter to President Bush ad is
> not in it. To stretch your dollars as far as possible, we saved
> almost half the price of the ad by agreeing to placement within a
> window of a few days this week, rather than running it today for
> sure. We'll see it in the paper within the next few days, and we'll
> let you know as soon as we do. If you'd like to see what the ad
> looks like, go to our main page at
> \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_
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Fw: Urgent: NY Times ad for "Let the Inspections Work"

----- Original Message -----
From: Eli Pariser,
To: Alexandra Reill
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 11:10 PM
Subject: Urgent: NY Times ad for "Let the Inspections Work"

Dear MoveOn member,
Yesterday, we launched a petition asking President Bush to let the weapons =
inspections in Iraq work (see below for a copy of the message). Little more=
than 24 hours later, over 70,000 of us have signed on. It's an immense res=
ponse -- one of our best days ever.

Given the success of the campaign, we'd like to amplify the message by taki=
ng out a full-page New York Times advertisement. We have a shot at a slot t=
his coming Monday -- if we can raise the money fast enough. This is perfect=
timing, because the hawks' PR campaign gunning for war will be launched on=

The Times is read by nearly 1.2 million people, including all the policy ma=
kers -- placing an ad there can be a great way of reaching the right people=
. Groups including Physicians for Social Responsibility, the National Organ=
ization for Women, Earth Action, Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, =
and the National Council of Churches will be signing with us. It'll look gr=

The problem is that ads in the Times are pricey, and we run on a shoestring=
budget. If we all pitch in a little, we can take over a page in one of the=
biggest newspapers in the country.

The ad text is copied below -- it's the same as the letter from yesterday.=

We've found donors to match half of the ad's cost, which means that your gi=
ft now is worth twice as much. We have to raise about $28,000 by the end of=
the week. We can do it if everyone chips in.

You can make your gift right now by filling out the form below. When you hi=
t "Submit," you'll be taken to a secure form where you can enter your credi=
t card information and correct your name and address. That's it -- it takes=
under a minute.

Name: Alexandra Reill
Gift toward Iraq advertising: $
(Optional) Gift toward our operating fund: $

If the form doesn't work, just go to:

In the ad, we'll publish the number of signers on our petition. In order fo=
r that number to be as high as possible, we need your help -- just forward =
the message below to your friends with a note about why it's important to s=
ign up.

Thank you for all of your help. Together we will do everything possible to =
bring the Iraq crisis to a peaceful resolution.

--Eli, Wes, Peter, Joan, and Carrie
December 5th, 2002

P.S. Here's the original message we sent yesterday. The ad text is at the e=


Dear MoveOn member,

Inspections in Iraq have started. Most of us breathed a sigh of relief. Unf=
ortunately, it's become clear that the ultra-hawks in the Bush administrati=
on -- Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle -- will not take yes for an answer. While th=
e rest of the world thinks Iraq has backed down, these men are beginning a =
massive public relations blitz for war.

With the possibility of a peaceful resolution to this crisis at hand, we ca=
nnot allow a few men to push the world to war. Send a message to President =
Bush to let the inspections work at:

We'll compile your messages and present them to the Administration, includi=
ng Secretary of State Powell, and to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

The good news is that the ultra-hawks face some serious opposition. Secreta=
ry of State Colin Powell and other members of the Bush Administration are w=
illing to give diplomacy a chance, and the State Department's interpretatio=
n of the U.N. resolution is a lot more reasonable than the White House's in=

But unless wiser heads prevail, this is what we should expect: (1) starting=
December 8th, members of the Bush administration will claim that Iraq is i=
n material breach of the U.N. resolution, citing supposed omissions in the =
coming multi-hundred page report, based on undisclosed intelligence; (2) so=
on thereafter some "hot" incident, like anti-aircraft fire on U.S. patrols =
in the no-fly zone, will be used to solidify public support for war, and fi=
nally (3) the bombing campaign will begin.

This could all begin before Christmas -- another wonderful gift to the worl=
d from the Bush administration.

President Bush has agreed that war should be the very last resort. Let's ho=
ld him and his administration to those words:

Please sign on today. We must support policy makers who will oppose these f=
ew extremists in the Bush White House who have been looking for an excuse f=
or war from the very beginning.


--Eli Pariser
International Campaigns Director
December 4th, 2002

P.S. Here's the text of the message we will send with the list of compiled =
individual comments:

Dear Mr. President,

On October 11, the U.S. Congress passed a joint resolution on Iraq that aut=
horizes you to use war as a last resort -- if and only if diplomacy fails t=
o accomplish the U.S.'s national goals.

In this context, we are deeply concerned by your Administration's repeated =
attempts to frame Iraqi anti-aircraft fire within the no-fly-zone as a mate=
rial breach of the resolution. As U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and oth=
er U.N. diplomats have pointed out, the resolution clearly excludes such ev=
ents from its jurisdiction.

We are also concerned that you have already found Iraq's response "not enco=
uraging" when the inspectors have been at work only for a week and so far h=
ave not encountered Iraqi obstruction.

The United States has made a commitment to approaching the danger that Sadd=
am Hussein poses through the international community. The resumption of the=
inspections regime is a triumph for the U.S., international law and multil=
ateralism. But the United States will lose all credibility with its allies =
if it appears that it will go to war regardless of the inspections' success=
. And by alienating and infuriating allies through unilateral action, the U=
.S. could throw the success of the campaign against terrorism into jeopardy=

Mr. President, it appears that your administration is looking for an excuse=
to go to war, when a peaceful and just solution may be at hand. We ask tha=
t you live up to your word and give diplomacy a chance.

We can win without war.


This is a message from To remove yourself from this list, pleas=
e visit our subscription management page at:


babel: 30 pieces of silver

dear all, please note:

babel: 30 pieces of silver
a net.piece referring to money

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things are ok

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jillian mcdonald: things are ok
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NYC0902 <>

concept / drawings / visuals alexandra reill / 2002

the catastrophy of 11 / 09 / 01
seemed to be an eye-opening clash
between the capitalist & the muslim
worlds. two completely different
systems of society, economics
& belief again opposing each other
for philosophical & economic reasons.

NYC0902 relates to the
seemingly unending conflict
as a war of the rich for
power and capital and a war
of the poor for equal rights,
freedom of belief and
stable economics.

it is a piece produced as
a consequence of NYC9202
which was created in
the beginning of 2002
when the shock occuring from
the desctruction of the
world trade center and all
its implications was still
vividly alive. NYC0902 is
a direct transformation of the
piece produced then
referring to actual sensual
experiences relating to
the state of our world
one year after the catastrophy.

too many truths are still
the same. the ongoing war
between the U.S. and the muslim world /
recession / and environmental
catastrophies have transformed
everybody's life in the
western world. images of poverty
and suffering, of war and hunger
cannot be erased from
anybody's mind. daily life
is not the same any more. cannot
believe in warfare but
definitely believes in
peaceful solutions and
equal human rights
for everybody and
every culture.

go on NYC0902

non - profit org for new media

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