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Toy Company PLAYROOM VOL.1 Release Party

Sat Oct 22, 2011 20:30

Montreal, Canada

Battle Lava [MTL]
Pocaille [MTL] /


Pulsewave NYC | 09.24.2011

Sat Sep 24, 2011 20:00 - Sun Sep 25, 2011

New York City, New York
United States of America

PULSEWAVE NYC IS BACK! The Tank is proud to present its legendary chip
music series at Tada! Youth Theater for the fall season. Join us for
our kick-off event this Saturday September 24th and come early to
discuss how you can help to make chip music events in NYC the best they
can be! Mark your calendars for the next shows on October 29th and
November 19th. Follow @Pulsewave on twitter!
Featuring: MisfitChris, L-Tron, Battle Lava & InvaderBacca
Saturday, September 24, 2011; 8pm – $10
Location: 15 West 28th Street, NY, NY 10001, Between Broadway and 5th
By subway: N, R train to 28th Street

Three of the most bad ass dudes involved in the chip community will
finally be gathering in New York City for something other than being a
Blip Festival attendee. With two acts from America and one taking a
long bus ride out from Canada, this is sure to be a wild night. Bring
your leather jackets, spike up your hair, and get ready for this punk
as fuck trio to party it up like you’ve never seen before. Bring your
gear for open mic! 5 minutes, plug in and play; no exceptions! Sign up
list at the door, limited amount of spots.
Music by:

MisfitChris »> Hailing from Connecticut, USA, Misfitchris started
off playing his Casio keyboard alongside SNES games in a valiant effort
to mimic his favorite video game composers. Then, in an attempt at
venting his inevitable teenage angst, he picked up a guitar and started
a punk band. He got his first taste of using computers to make music
editing local bands with basic sound editing software. That eventually
lead to the wunderkind toying around with digital audio workstations
trying to emulate his favorite artists such as Daft Punk, Sebastien
Leger, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher and Autechre. Then at 21 the budding
electronic prodigy discovered chipmusic, a marriage of difficult
trackers and minimal soundscapes, a match made in heaven. Misfitchris
quickly grew fond of this sound and in an unyielding attempt at
perfection began his current project he has aptly dubbed “Fakebit”. His
sound is a distinctive blend of the classic chip music he was weaned
on and the heavy hitting house music that captivated him as a teen.
MisfitChris has a sound that will conjure up feelings from days of old,
like leaving final fantasy 3 on just to hear the music and the feeling
of being the only one in the world to defeat the boss all rolled into a
precise, masterfully crafted sonic eargasm. Misfitchris is everything
you ever wanted to hear and everything your parents warned you about.
 L-Tron »> Upon discovering what the program was capable of, the
scientists took immediate precautions, securing it inside of the nearest
electronic device they could find: a Nintendo Game Boy. They feared
its power yet could not bring themselves to destroy it. Trapped Inside
the machine with no way to escape and return to its own time, the
program began expressing itself through the sound chip of the Game Boy.
Eons passed. An exploration vessel near a planet called Earth recorded
the following transmissions – Code-named: L-tron.
Battle Lava
»> Battle Lava is a solo chip music project from
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, using the Nintendo Game Boy as a source of
sound and inspiration. His music covers a range of styles that hover on
the boundary of retro-technological limits.

Visuals by:

invaderbacca »> Invaderbacca sees the colors that nobody sees. His
approach to visualizing the sounds surrounding him is almost sonic
itself in nature, whether he’s creating hardware NES mods or creating
his own spasmodic video blasts. It all becomes a blend that is both
delicious and stimulating.

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