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Alex works with RSG. Projects include the surveillance tool "Carnivore," "Low Level All Stars" a DVD collection of C64 intros, and the computer game Kriegspiel.
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Re: Re: Blog vs Board (re: Blogging Survey)

i find this blog thread very interesting. these are some of the issues
that we have wrestled with ever since the beginning of rhizome: the
best way to exchange content collaboratively.

a quick summary of what rhiz has attempted thus far (Francis--correct
me if i'm wrong)... at the start of rhizome, mark tribe decided that
the best way to navigate the signal-to-noise problem was to have two
lists, one heavily moderated and one completely open. this resulted in
the Digest/Raw format that has persisted since. people wanting a filter
subscribed to Digest, while those who could handle the deluge
subscribed to Raw. in the olden days the website was edited by the same
person who edited Digest, and therefore ended up resembling the
filtered email list rather then the unfiltered. eventually a web
archive of Raw was added to balance things out a little. then, after a
few years, rhizome switched over to a more decentralized format,
handing the editorial selection for the website to a group of
"superusers" who are able to pick which articles appear on the front

as others have already pointed out in this thread, RSS feeds have
fundamentally changed the landscape of the web. it's my opinion that
rhizome might be ready for another redesign, one that can accommodate
the aggregation and republishing functionality enabled by RSS. yes,
email will always be the killer app, so of course some balance between
email content and web feed content should be achieved.

by way of contrast.. i've recently been hanging out over on the eyebeam
reblog system ( and am currently coding
version 2 of the backend (with much help from Jonah Peretti and Michael
Frumin). reblog is formally quite similar to the current rhizome
website in the sense that it has a community-fed text input system that
is then parsed and republished on the site. reblog is simple, it takes
an unlimited number of RSS feeds as input and lets you parse them into
a single RSS feed as output. the main differences with rhiz i can see
are 1) rhizome uses the emails posted to rhizome raw as its input
channel, while reblog uses posts from about 80 web feeds, 2) rhizome
uses a group of "superusers" who can publish articles on the website,
while reblog uses a single rotating "guest reblogger" (a convention
which could easily be changed in the future to include multiple
simultaneous rebloggers).

rhizome could conceivably reorganize itself around the reblog model,
using both email and rhizomer blog feeds as the input.


mac developers

hey does anyone know a mac cocoa/obj-c developer who's on IM who
wouldn't mind a coding question from me every once and a while?


12,000 gnutella queries

can anyone think of something fun to do with this?


Re: The "Velvet-Strike" underground

glad Salon can weigh in on a two year old work as if it's a news scoop

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> The "Velvet-Strike" underground
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MacOSX + CarnivorePE = CarniOSX

a match made in heaven... =)

download here:

(also new Proce55ing/java client template posted for those of you
interested in experimenting...)