Alexander Galloway
Since the beginning
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Alex works with RSG. Projects include the surveillance tool "Carnivore," "Low Level All Stars" a DVD collection of C64 intros, and the computer game Kriegspiel.
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Re: Re: aGalloway, FlashFormalism and Complexification

> Alex, would you consider yourself a careerrist net.artist?

i'm definitely a careerist.. but definitely not an artist. ;)

> curt:
>> [Incidentally, Galloway also hired Takeshi Hamada (
>> ) to design the carnivore logo.

the carni logo was designed by Ryan McGinness.

>> Hamada
>> is the same designer who designed the rhizome logo you so flippantly
>> dissed.]

the rhizome logo was designed by Markus Weisbeck and Frank Hausschild


Re: Flash formalism?

> What is "Flash formalism"?
> Has this been described anywhere?

lev manovich has an essay on flash you might want to check out


Re:_RHIZOME_RAW:_Callng_for_game_inspired_art_- _a

Works are submitted in the form of MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media,
MP3, JPEG and GIF files."

good idea, bad submission policy. as rhizomers have pointed out for
several years, interactive or networked art cannot be experienced in a
non-interactive or non-networked context. i.e. documenting a game on
video alters the work significantly. perhaps can you expand your
submission policy to include an evaluation of the actual work?

On Aug 24, 2004, at 11:24 AM, Jonas Lindberg wrote:

> The Third Place Gallery is a fresh new space where you - artist,
> designer, programmer and concept maker - can flash your ideas and work
> within a dynamic environment. The Third Place Gallery is open to all
> nationalities and medias.
> Our judges will pick out art pieces for exhibitions in their personal
> galleries and one work in each category will receive a grand prize of
> E2000.
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Re: Re: Blog vs Board (re: Blogging Survey)

> there was also the JODI and antiorp spam bombs. those were fun :-)

oh yeah there was the time when jodi send 1039 emails to Raw in one day.

> Alex G was in the trenches. Maybe he can give us the history?

sure. the flame wars started in 1996, and continue to the present day

> On Jul 10, 2004, at 10:16 AM, Jason Van Anden wrote:
>> Joy is not the first person to have referenced the legendary Rhizome
>> "Flame Wars" as being the beginning of some sort of Rhizome schism.
>> Was it ever documented, analysed, made into a prequel? If not, can
>> someone bring me up to date? Really curious.