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Alex works with RSG. Projects include the surveillance tool "Carnivore," "Low Level All Stars" a DVD collection of C64 intros, and the computer game Kriegspiel.
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wifi leeches?

what are people's thoughts on wifi leeches? i pay for a cable modem and
have wifi at my apartment, and recently i noticed some random person on
it. i've never considered putting a password on my wifi router, but i
also don't really want some luser on it leeching my bandwidth. i mean
i'm all for open bandwidth, but it's not like this dude is making net
art or something and can't pay for it himself like i do. what do y'all
think? should i block him out? or just continue amusing myself by
reading his email? (haha jk! jk!) -ag


Re: hacked again...

a quick port scan with nmap reveals that you have lots of ports open,
meaning lots of security vulnerabilities:

Interesting ports on
(The 1646 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
21/tcp open ftp?
23/tcp open telnet Linux telnetd
25/tcp open smtp Sendmail smtpd 8.10.2/8.10.2
53/tcp open domain ISC Bind 8.2.7-REL
80/tcp open http Apache httpd 1.3.20
81/tcp open http Apache httpd 1.3.20 (Sun Cobalt (Unix)
mod_ssl/2.8.4 OpenSSL/0.9.6b mod_auth_pam_external/0.1 mod_perl/1.25)
110/tcp open pop3 Qpop pop3d ?
143/tcp open imap UW imapd 2003.338
444/tcp open http Apache httpd 1.3.20 (Sun Cobalt (Unix)
mod_ssl/2.8.4 OpenSSL/0.9.6b mod_auth_pam_external/0.1 mod_perl/1.25)
3000/tcp open ppp?
3001/tcp open nessusd?
27665/tcp filtered Trinoo_Master
31337/tcp filtered Elite
Device type: general purpose
Running: Linux 2.1.X|2.2.X
OS details: Linux 2.1.19 - 2.2.25, Linux 2.2.13
Uptime 9.406 days (since Sun Nov 21 11:45:28 2004)

hmmmm something called "Elite" running on port 31337? "Trinoo_Master"?
bingo. you've been haxored. marc, do you administer your own machine?
if so, i would back up your email and web files, then unplug it from
the network and do a fresh install following strict security rules for
locking down your box. you really should only have ports open for http
and ssh (and pop3/imap/smtp if you really need this machine for email).
do you really need three apaches running? also, ftp and telnet are not
secure, don't use them (sftp and ssh have replaced them).

remember, hackers are rarely "deliberate"... only opportunistic. don't
take it personally. if you compromise yourself, they will come.

hope that helps.


On Nov 30, 2004, at 6:45 PM, marc garrett wrote:

> hacked again...
> hi everyone,
> This is marc garrett from - well it looks like after
> all the hard work that he have spent getting the server back into
> action again, updating it making it (supposedly) vulnerable was a
> waste of time...
> Once again, the server has been hacked. This time we feel that it is a
> deliberate action to attack us or someone else on the server.
> If anyone wishes to contact me regarding furtherfield things...
> or with related information regarding other servers that have been
> hacked as well, like & (who are now back
> online again), or who might have some idea of who it is, actively
> trying stop all of us, on the server from continuing our creative and
> progressive net art functions. We would be most grateful.
> wishing you all the best...
> marc garrett
> my temporary email is:
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Alexander Galloway, Assistant Professor, NYU
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"Social Realism in Gaming," Game Studies

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Fwd: Craig's List Event WED 8pm

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Stephen Lichty <>
> Subject: Craig's List Event WED 8pm
> Dear people who might be interested:
> (from Stephen at the NYU Program Board)
> I'm writing to alert you of a performance I've organized. 24
> performers have been contracted through Craig's List (the ads and
> responses will be on display). You will hear from a conspiracy
> theorist, see a man dance in his home-made horse costume, watch
> a notary notarize a transcript of all that's said, get pumped up by a
> motivational speaker, chill out with a guided visualization expert,
> and witness other things, like a man shoving swords down his
> throat. (these will be collaborative attempts by strangers)
> Also, we took an interview with Craig.
> I would not normally send out an e-mail like this, but this show has
> the potential to be very special. It is a physical realization of a
> digital network
> The info:
> Wed. Dec 1st 8pm-9:30
> "An Evening With Craig's List"
> Kimmel Center 8th floor
> 60 Washington Square South
> tickets at Ticket Central (566 Laguardia Place)
> $3 NYU $5 non-NYU (totally worth it)
> Stephen Lichty
> 917.902.6347


Re: Turbulence and MTAA Need Your Help

yes, rhizomers should please help. i'm offering a mirror from my own
machine. but MTAA needs more mirrors. this is a great piece worth

On Oct 20, 2004, at 10:33 PM, Jo-Anne Green wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> Despite the expansion of our projects and the acceleration of our
> support for net artists over the past two-and-a-half years, Turbulence
> has not seen a parallel increase in its operating support. The
> situation has become critical during the past month because two
> recently launched projects--ASCII BUSH and 1 Year Performance
> Video--have made greater demands on our server than ever before. Both
> projects have exceeded the limits of our monthly bandwidth; ASCII BUSH
> will re-launch soon after having been taken down for three weeks. [The
> piece had received close to 20,000 visits.] 1 Year Performance Video,
> by MTAA, is also a huge success. However, if we don't find immediate
> support--either in the form of server co-hosts or financial
> contributions--this piece, too, will have to be taken down.
> Please consider helping Turbulence keep 1 Year Performance Video
> alive! Send me an email ( if you can co-host the
> project, or go to and click on the PayPal
> button.
> Thanks.
> Jo
> --
> Jo-Anne Green, Associate Director
> New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.:
> New York: 917.548.7780


The Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam

information on geert lovink's new research institute in amsterdam. -ag

>> The Institute of Network Cultures (INC)
>> The Institute of Network Cultures (INC), which was set up in June
>> 2004, caters to research, meetings and (online) initiatives in the
>> area of internet and new media.
>> The INC functions as a framework within which a variety of studies,
>> publications and meetings can be realized. As indicated by its name,
>> the INC itself will also be active in setting up and maintaining
>> networks. Not only will it facilitate, but also initiate and produce
>> its projects. Its goal is to create an open organizational form with
>> a strong focus on content, within which ideas (emanating from both
>> individuals and institutions) can be given an institutional context
>> at an early stage. The INC aims to organize both public and internal
>> meetings and to formulate new research, based on the fusion of old
>> and new media. The INC sees it as its special task to give shape and
>> content to the digital public domain, with emphasis on the
>> interaction between aesthetics and social relations within
>> technological environments. Special attention will also be paid to
>> intercultural aspects and international cooperation.