Alexander Aranda
Since 2010
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Alexander Aranda is well known in his field for his work, research and understanding of search engine optimisation and web development.

Alex has successfully managed to develop and refine his understanding of search marketing, developing some highly creative and innovative methods that have been used to market and promote several large web portals online. He has specialised in the positioning of sites for the Spanish speaking market for highly competitive keywords in the fields of tourism, education and online betting.

Adviser and consultant to several successful businesses Alexander is now working on what he calls "something Big" a bold statement that is sure to place him firmly on the map in the next few years. He is known as 'Alex the Kidd’ amongst his business associates for his often used analogy of the internet being the “Wild West”.

Alexander Aranda is currently one of the most followed people in the UK on Twitter. He is often active on his Twitter for business account where he tweets and interacts with fellow entrepreneurs about online developments and business related subjects.

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