alessandra arnò
Since 2009
Works in Milan Italy

Actually is co-founder and project manager of Visualcontainer ( Italian videoart distributor ass. NoProfit) and Director of VisualcontainerTV International Videoart webTV.
On May 2010 is a co-Director of [.BOX] Videoart Project Space, a videoart gallery based in Milan.

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Italian Videoart Selection at STREAMING FESTIVAL DEN HAAG

Mon Jan 04, 2010 00:00 - Mon Jan 04, 2010


A project by Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor and Promotion

1 - 31 January 2010
Den Haag, Netherlands

Curatorial Statement:
What happens if we resort to the dear, familiar objects of old in our current time of de-materialization and virtual living? What is the result if we set up narrations and investigations into pixel-mediated sceneries
starting from our day-to-day interactions with ordinary things?
Marcel Duchamp took a questioning look to common items and turned them into ready-made pieces of art which have just revolutionized the way we think about art and possibly the way we do think about the world.
In lighter, most diverse technical and poetical ways, all artists on show have chosen some daily and familiar articles as well, and put them at the centre of surprising actions where they undergo all sorts of unexpected
utilizations and unpredictable fate.
Will this help us fill the gap with the physical world in our ever-growing addiction to the digital realm? And will this suggest any positive way to a balance with our space and belongings within, thus resolving our reality
and identity in the most controversial and puzzled society we’re floating in?
Sometimes a solid hold seems to be well fitting and redeeming on behalf, and those videos have plenty on offer …
By Giorgio Fedeli


Elena Arzuffi
03' 49"

Matteo Pasin
The technical man
06' 47"

Alessandra Arnò
Save ours Souls
02' 46"

Tomoko Nagao
Super Usappe
2'48" 2008

Luca Christian Mander
04' 00"

Iginio De Luca
04' 10"

Sabrina Muzi
Rosso di sera

VisualContainer as been invited by streaming festival as international partner program.
About Streaming Festival
The Streaming Festival is an international audio visual art and film event.
The Streaming Festival place once a year and exhibits ten days long non-stop contemporary art,
films and visual experiments, available at any time from any location.
The festival is based in the Netherlands but has no geographical borders
The organiser of the festival; the isfth foundation (The Hague, Netherlands), organises artistic
projects and events in order to stimulate the understanding of audio visual art.
ISFTH Foundation (
Streaming Festival (

Visualcontainer is the first Italian Videoart distributor and Promoter
On 2010 will start new exhibition plannings with our international partners in all over the world.. as Streaming festival..

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VIDEOHOLICA09 on VisualcontainerTV

Tue Dec 01, 2009 00:00 - Mon Nov 30, 2009

VIDEOHOLICA 09 on VisualContainerTV
Special Selection from International videoart festival in Varna, Bulgaria.
1st december 2009 - 15th january 2010

only on VisualcontainerTV

Visualcontainer is glad to presents a special videoart selection curated by Neno Belchev from Videoholica International Videoart Festival from Varna Bulgaria.

Videoholica 2009 took place over the period of 4 -13 August 2009 in Varna and passed under the PEKING DUCK OR VIDEO IN TIME OF CRISIS motto.
The venues of the International Video Art Festival Videoholica 2009 were the Varna Archaeological Museum and Varna Puppet Theater.
344 videos of 138 artists from 31 countries were submitted to the 2nd edition of the Videoholica festival.

The selection of Videoholica 2009 was made by Valeri Chakalov, Tsvetan Krastev, Georgi Krastev, Victor Petkov and Neno Belchev and presented 89 videos by the 71 artists from Australia, Austria, UK, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Macedonia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, USA, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Taiwan, Tunis, Finland, France, Netherlands, Chili, Sweden, South Korea and Japan.
The VIDEOHOLICA 2009 team comprised: Neno Belchev, Pavlina Mladenova, Petar Atanasov, Maya Manolova, Tsvetan Krastev, Valeri Chakalov, Victor Petkov and Geogri Krastev.

Videoholica 2009 was realized with the support of Varna Municipality, August in Art Foundation, Varna Archaeological Museum, Varna Puppet Theater and Inside Magazine

Lia Chavez, USA / UK - “Penetration” - 2006 - 04:19
Guido Salvini, Italy - “Strength Text” - 2009 - 02:24
Andrea Kustić, Croatia - “You Are Of No Importance!” - 2009 - 0 5:45
Marius Leneweit / Ricio Rodriguez, Spain - “…niland” - 2009 - 06:45
Finda Ozgunaydin, Germany - “Namus Belasi” - 2008 - 04:12
Christin Bolewski, Germany - “Mountain-water-painting” -2009 - 06:12
Roland Wegerer, Austria - “How To Clean A Puddle!” - 2008 - 01:44
Martin Kohout, Germany - “Moonwalk” - 2008 - 02:20
Lemeh42, Italy - “Study on Human Form and Humanity #01” - 2008
Christian Nikolay, Canada - “Ampli fly” - 2008 - 02:43
Justin Randolph Thompson, Italy - “Table” - 2009 - 04:10
Stuart Pound, UK - “Not You Again!” - 2009 - 03:49
Boris Eldagsen, Germany - “The Dying Widow” - 2008 - 06:19
Robin Whenary, UK - “The Boy, the Bike and the Apple” - 2007 - 04:30
Floriane Davin, France - “Cosmos” - 2008 - 01:59
Gordon Culshaw, UK - „Slinky” - 2008 - 03:46
Kristina Bozurska, Macedonia - “Polyptych” - 2008/2009 - 03:58
Charles A. Gick, USA - “Flowers from the mouth” - 2009 - 04:43
Inger Alfnes, Netherlands - “Exercise №1” - 2008 - 04:44


VisualContainerTv is the first Web Tv interely devoted to the International videoartworld!
A project by VisualContainer, the first videoart Italian distributor.
The channel is welcoming solo and group exhibitions and festivals under the care of artists and curators from all over the world.

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Sat Nov 14, 2009 00:00 - Tue Nov 10, 2009

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China

International Videoart Festival
14th November - 24th November 2009
Hong Kong

In Collaboration with VideoChannel - an online and physical space platform focused on film & video. Chief curator, founder and director of VideoChannel, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne has invited curator Giorgio Fedeli to select this programme of works.

A project by Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor and Promotion

Italian selection:
PATRIZIA MONZANI - Stadt Fish 2006
CHRISTIAN NICCOLI - Escalating perception/the gaze 2004
MATTEO PASIN - Disapperar 2006
SABRINA SABATO - Il dondolo 2002
ENZO UMBACA - Soffri 2002
ELENA ARZUFFI - Domestic parkour 2007
BARBARA BRUGOLA - Zone Lost 2008
IGINIO DE LUCA - Autofocus 2006
PIETRO MELE - Ottana 2008

A selection by Visual Container/Milan;
Curated by Giorgio Fedeli
Chief curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

Italian Videoart Distributor
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STREAMING FESTIVAL Selection on VisualcontainerTV

Sat Oct 31, 2009 00:00 - Mon Oct 19, 2009

Streaming Festival on VisualcontainerTV videoart web channel
31 October - 30 November 2009
Only on VisualContainerTV -

Visualcontainer is glad to present a special videoart selection from STREAMING FESTIVAL, international
audio visual art and film event (Netherlands)
The Streaming Festival is an international audio visual art and film event. This event takes place on the
internet, where films are broadcasted full screen on streaming servers with high image quality. The
Streaming Festival takes place once a year.

The Streaming Festival focuses on artistic and innovative audio visual art and film. Selecting works from
emerging artists and professionals alike. Not only is this quality of selected works important, but also the
way the festival presents these works. With the support from xs4all the festival can ensure a high quality
broadcast through their streaming servers.

The Streaming Festival is organized by the isfth foundation.
Isfth is a non-profit foundation that provides support for projects that encourage the understanding of
audiovisual art.
The foundation is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.
More information:

The Kitchen Conqueror - Shereen Abdul-Baki
Reem wanders the aisles of her neighbourhood
market, slipping into dreams of fortune-telling
teacups and chicken slaughtering aunts who offer
advice on love, cultural identity and independence.
Release date : 25 April 2006
Duration : 00:08:00

Near the car - Elton Eerkens
A man is standing near his car. A lifetime of
waiting captured for a few moments.
Release date : 2008
Duration : 00:14:04

Vier Berliner blicke - Rick Niebe
Vier berliner blicke (four berliner views) is a video
suite of four 1 minute long works. Each video is a
sequence of still images of Berlin from three
webcams and a satellitar map, downloaded from
the web and processed in Italy.
Release date : 25 April 2006
Duration : 00:04:00

Herrie - Jasper Scheepbouwer
Neighbours don't always get along.
Release date : 1996
Duration : 00:12:00

Study on human form and humanity #01 -
Lemeh 42

the act of writing a dream is the clear
manifestation of the uncertainty in which the
human being lives his/her own existence and
therefore his/her humanity.
Release date : 20-04-2008
Duration : 00:02:00

Symptom - David Matos
A dream and a train. An inconsistent movement and
an undefined pattern. Symptom represents an
obsession through physical space (thus visible and -
perhaps - diagnosable). The video was inspired by
"s" theme, from ocp
Release date : 16-06-2008
Duration : 00:04:12

Collage - Igor Lesic
A short editing excerise.
Release date : 12 May 2006
Duration : 00:05:00

Book - Marta Daeuble
This stop motion animation unravels the mysteries
of the written page when the book is brought to life,
only to reveal the ever lasting search for love and
self identity.
Release date : 2003
Duration : 00:02:00

Two and a Half Years - Olga Koroleva
A personal document of Olga Koroleva’s close
friends’ experiences over a period of two and a half
years in Russia in her absence.
Release date : 08-05-2007
Duration : 00:08:28

Queenspark, West 33rd, LG - Jesse Bellon
The videos explore the nature of contemporary
western society, juxtaposing the sights and
experiences of the everyday within a single plane.
Release date : 10 April 2006
Duration : 00:03:23

VisualContainerTv is the first Web Tv interely devoted to the International videoartworld!
A project by VisualContainer, the first videoart Italian distributor.
The channel is welcoming solo and group exhibitions and festivals under the care of
artists and curators from all over the world.
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Tue Sep 15, 2009 00:00 - Mon Sep 14, 2009

Italian Video Emergencies
A special selection from VISUALCONTAINER
Italian Videoart Distributor

15 september - 30 october 2009
Only on VisualContainerTV -

VisualContainerTv is happy to present a videoscreening with most challenging Italian video artworks,
provided by the archive of the sole Italian distributor.
After welcoming some of the most interesting international organisations dealing with videoart, it's high
time to show a selection of made-in-Italy videos filing under the distinctive feature of emergency:
because of both its urge for expressing and comprehending contemporaneity in Italy and beyond and of
its ever-growing need for emerging and circulating, also thanks to the promotion by VisualContainer.
The ExhibitContainer section, usually dealing with video compilations from
international videoart festivals and curatorial projects, is now presenting 22 artists
who have gained national and international reputation.
Rebecca Agnes, Francesco Arena, Riccardo Arena, Alessandra Arno', Elena Arzuffi, Barbara Brugola, Silvia Camporesi, Pascal Caparros, Iginio De Luca, Maria Korporal, Luca Christian Mander, Pietro Mele, Patrizia Monzani, Sabrina Muzi, Tomoko Nagao, Christian Niccoli, Matteo Pasin, Cristina Pavesi, Mauro Romito, Sabrina Sabato, Natalia Saurin, Enzo Umbaca, Dubravka Vidovic

Besides, the monographic section "SpecialOne" is welcoming the video project
BREATH/RESPIRI by Francesco Arena.

For this work, Arena has produced a series of 23 videos from 2004 to 2008, each of
them being interpreted by a different male or female character, in order to give
way to two-colour obsessions of faces breathing behind a glass (which often let
themselves go to "forced" yet really touching intimate moods).
Each video has been performed by 23 international musicians coming from several
environments, who have specifically composed brand new sound tracks.

* all videos are distributed by Visualcontainer

VisualContainerTv is the first Web Tv interely devoted to the international videoartworld
A project by VisualContainer, the first videoart Italian distributor, the channel is
welcoming solo and group exhibitions and festivals under the care of artists and
curators from all over the world.
For info about VisualcontainerTV contact: