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New Media Art / Theater piece

The Imhotep Project: Calvin's Island

The Imhotep Project is an effort to stage theater with an invisible person
as a main character. With the help of projectors, we'll be casting the
invisible person's shadow. The effect is a shadow haunting the stage
without a body.

The idea of the disembodied shadow is central to the project, but it is not
the focal point. When coupled with other, more conventional stage
technique, the shadow will help create the sensation of a phantom body on
stage by insinuating the circumstances surrounding that which we normally
associate with the body: a shadow, the noise of footfalls, how a body
affects other people, and how it affects set pieces. With the aid of only
circumstantial and instinctual evidence, the role of the audience is to
build an image of a person with their imaginations.

There are only five performances of the show. Two of the performances will
be followed by a technical demonstration and talkback session with the
creator, Albert Hwang. During this technical demonstration, an audience
member will be turned into a shadow.

Please visit the website for a thorough explanation of the technology and to
reserve tickets:

The Linhart Theater at 440 Studios
440 Lafayette Street, Manhattan
8p; $12, $9 students
January 16 - 18: 8pm
January 19: 2pm, 8pm