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HDFEST New York High-Definition Film Screenings

Sat Sep 01, 2007 00:00 - Fri Aug 31, 2007

HDFEST Film Festival- NYC Event Information Overview

Title of Event: HDFEST New York (third stop on the HDFEST 2007 World Tour)

Venue: Theatre at Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Location: located at at 56th Street and Madison Avenue in the Sony Plaza Public Arcade

Date: October 10th and 11th, 2007

Time: 6pm-11pm both evenings

$12 per screening
(Tickets available on HDFEST website or at the door on 10/10 and 10/11)

Phone: 321-206-5343

Festival contact email:


HDFEST New York Details:

HDFEST Announces High-Definition Movies and Events for 2007: Seoul, New York, London

(August 31st) Now in its eighth year, the historical digital cinema festival, HDFEST, has released the schedule for the first three events of the HDFEST 2007 World Tour: the Seoul event, the London event, and the New York event. HDFEST screens films that have originated exclusively in High-Definition using High-Definition cameras and technology. All festival material will be played back with some of the most advanced High-Definition projection equipment available. HDFEST events in Seoul, London and New York will showcase some of the finest new independent cinema from around the world, all of which has been created with state-of-the-art high-definition technology. HDFEST's is proud to partner once again with The Seoul Film Festival for its Seoul event and the Raindance Film Festival for its London screenings. HDFEST is further pleased to announce that the New York festival screenings will be held in the High-Definition Theatre at Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Additional HDFEST 2007 World Tour festival events will also be taking place in Finland and Los Angeles in November and December, respectively.

HDFEST Seoul- Cutting Edge Cinema and 4K Presentations

HDFEST screenings in Seoul, South Korea will be held September 7th and 12th in conjunction with The Seoul Film Festival in the HD Choice Program. In regards to the HD Choice Program screenings, The Seoul Film Festival organizers state "this section is dedicated to HD cinema, with an emphasis on its relation to traditional film-based cinema. It will explore the frontier of digital cinema and new ways of capturing reality with cutting-edge digital technology." HDFEST films to be screened in Seoul include the feature "The Insurgents" written and directed by Scott Dacko. The Insurgents centers on the gripping and intense story of four American political radicals who build a truck bomb whose detonation they hope will spark an American revolution.

HDFEST's Seoul screenings also include a 4K Presentation of “Postcards from the Future” directed by Alan Chan. HDFEST's presentation of “Postcards from the Future” will give audiences a very rare opportunity to see a 4K film screened in its native resolution. “Postcards from the Future” is a thought-provoking sci-fi film about the future of space exploration, and has the impressive distinction of being one of the first films shot on the DALSA Origin camera. This visionary work was "shot entirely digitally in pristine large-format 'Imax-scaled' resolution, and produced using a completely digital post-production pipeline." The 4K screening of “Postcards from the Future” affords audiences an eye-opening glimpse into the future of filmmaking as well as the future of digital projection. The schedule for all of the HDFEST Seoul screenings can be found at

HDFEST London- Focus on Innovation and Groundbreaking Visuals/HD Animation

HDFEST will hold its London screenings in conjunction with the Raindance Film Festival on October 1st at the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre. HDFEST screenings in London include the feature presentation "We are the Strange" directed by M dot Strange. The film's creator "painstakingly creating this film, using a range of animation techniques-traditional, stop-motion, computer, and his own unique blend of 8-bit graphics and anime, dubbed 'Str8nime.'" The popularity of "We are the Strange" continues to grow at a breakneck speed as its youtube trailer has already been viewed over 1 million times. M dot Strange will be in attendance at HDFEST London. The HDFEST London event will also present a series of visually intense shorts which include "Ray Harryhausen Presents: The Pit and the Pendulum" a Canadian stop-motion animation directed by Marc Lougee, “Eel” a German animation by Martin Rahmlow and “Public Spaces” a CG animated short from the Netherlands shot with one long uninterrupted camera movement. This sequence marks some of the most intense images and animation seen at HDFEST to date. The London HDFEST schedule can be found at

HDFEST New York- Focus on International HD Short Films and Documentary

HDFEST's New York festival screenings will be held October 10th and 11th at the High-Definition Theatre at Sony Wonder Technology Lab. The New York event will be screening a truly diverse selection of HD international short films with most making their US premieres and their HD premieres simultaneously. HDFEST shorts to be screened at the New York event originate from countries around the world including Japan, Seoul, Singapore, Germany, England, Ireland, Canada, and Spain.

Highlighted festival screenings also include an HD Comedy, Animation and FX" shorts sequence which will include "Off Beat," written and directed by Will Becher who worked on Wallace &Gromit's "Curse of the Were-Rabbit." "Off Beat" is the first HD short film from Aardman Animations. The New York event will also screen the New York premiere of the award winning feature film "The Rat Thing" written by and directed by Kevin Keresey who will be in attendance to discuss his work. "The Rat Thing" focuses on two men who launch a wild, get-rich-quick scheme in a last ditch effort to solve their problems. The HDFEST New York festival also will present a series of High-Definition documentary films including "Globeriders Silk Road Adventure" a pioneering project about a group of motorcyclists who follow the ancient Silk Road through 8000 miles and 8 countries over a two-month period. Additional documentary screenings will include three documentaries from the American Museum of Natural History, all of which focus on environmentally related issues: "Lemurs of Madagascar: Surviving on an Island of Change," "Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Mapping the Universe," and "Melting Ice: Rising Seas." The New York HDFEST schedule can be found at

Event Location and Information

The location for the Seoul event will be taking place in the Lotte Cinema Konkuk in the Kang-nam Gu region of Seoul. Tickets can be purchased through the Seoul Film Festival's website The HDFEST London screenings will be held at The Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre at 13 Coventry Street, Piccadilly, London. Tickets can be purchased in advance through Raindance's website or at the box office of the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre. Information about HDFEST's New York festival can be found at the festival website The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is located at at 56th Street and Madison Avenue in the Sony Plaza Public Arcade. Tickets are $12 and can also be purchased online through HDFEST or at the HDFEST box office the day of the event. More information about HDFEST and HDFEST Festival Events can be found at HDFEST's website


HDFEST Digital Cinema Festival- Call for HD and HDV entries

Wed Dec 27, 2006 00:45

HDFEST is now seeking entries of films for the 2007 touring festival events. The festival screens exclusively films shot with HD or HDV cameras. All festival content is also projected using HD technology. Festival events take place annually in the UK, Finland, NYC, and Los Angeles.

HDFEST also gives out the annual HDFEST Deffie awards recognizing achievement in HD independent filmmaking. Deffie awards offer prizes of filmmaking equipment and software in over 20 categories. Entry fees are $40 for shorts and $50 for features.

For more information visit Entry deadline is April 15, 2007.

Entry form and rules available at


HDFEST High- Def Event in Los Angeles at Dolby

Fri Dec 01, 2006 00:00 - Fri Nov 17, 2006

HD Film Festival Schedule Released for HDFEST Los Angeles

Last Stop on the HDFEST 2006 World Tour

Los Angeles, CA-Nov. 14. The schedule was released today for HDFEST's Los Angeles event which will be staged at Dolby Laboratories in Burbank. This December event is the final stop on the HDFEST 2006 World Tour, which also included HD Festival events this year in Seoul, New York, Finland, and London. HDFEST Los Angeles will include screenings of high-definition movies, panels on HD moviemaking and digital cinema, festival parties and the HDFEST 2006 Deffie Award Ceremony.

The opening night screenings of HDFEST Los Angeles will take place December 1st in Dolby Laboratories' Larry Umlang Presentation Theatre II. The screenings will include 2K projection and state-of-the-art sound. A complete calendar of events for the festival, which runs December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, can be found at On Sunday night, December 3rd, HDFEST will present the HDFEST 2006 Deffie Award Ceremony at Dolby Laboratories' Larry Umlang Presentation Theatre II. The annual HDFEST awards recognize achievement in high definition moviemaking and animation.

HDFEST Screenings and Panel Discussions

HDFEST Festival screenings include projects created exclusively with HD technology. Presentations include HD documentaries, HD experimental films, HD animations, HD music videos, HD features and shorts. Festival content in Los Angeles includes a truly international selection including films from Japan, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands. Many films will be making their North American Premiere or Los Angeles Premiere. Almost all the films in the HDFEST Los Angeles line-up will be making their HD Festival Premiere, meaning they have never before been presented in high-definition.

Among the numerous highlights of this year's tour is the HDFEST Breakthrough Presentation "The Mars Underground," directed by Scott J Gill. HDFEST is proud to announce the US Premiere of this landmark documentary, which was shot exclusively with HD technology and also includes stunning state-of-the-art computer generated imagery. The film centers around world-renowned Dr. Robert Zubrin, described as "a maverick aerospace-engineer and author," and his passionate pursuit for manned exploration and colonization of Mars. Zubrin believes that an expedition to Mars could be attained in the next 10 years and eventually colonization could occur via terraforming the red planet. HDFEST is pleased to be assisting to highlight this important and timely documentary.

HDFEST will also present a cutting edge series of animations created completely in HD resolution. HDFEST's groundbreaking HD animation series includes "Vaudeville" directed by Chansoo Kim, DreamWorks animated short "First Flight" directed by Kyle Jefferson and Cameron Hood, the comedic HD animation "Arrest Assured" from Studio Pendulum directors Michael McCormick and Robert Taylor, the comedic HD animation "The Toll" directed by J. Zachary Pike, "Mantis Parable" directed by Josh Staub, and “Elephant's Dream" directed by Bassam Kurdali and Blender. "First Flight" was the opening short before screenings of the DreamWorks hit comedy "Over the Hedge." This sequence of HD animation will showcase the accomplishments now possible for filmmakers and animators working with fairly low budgets. HDFEST 2006 will showcase what is the largest collection of HD animation to be screened together at any film festival to date.

Other notable festival presentations include two US premieres of cutting edge films from Europe combining sound, visual FX and animation. HDFEST will present in Dolby Digital 5.1, the North American Festival Premiere of the truly remarkable "Sound of Eternity The Mass in B-Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach" directed by Bastian Cleve. This feature-length HD film, shot in Germany, Morocco, India and the US, consists of 27 individual short films. "Sound of Eternity" has been called by the German press "... one of the most unusual films ever made" and an "extraordinary, exceptional cinematic experience." The North American Festival Premiere of "The Great Globe" will be screened at HDFEST Los Angeles. This film merges dance, experimental film and animation into a strikingly memorable hybrid. The film, which was created by legendary composer Robert Groslot, also has an optional track for orchestral accompaniment. About his work, Groslot stated, "my work is related to painting and photography but is in fact none of both. It is exactly what it is: a new visual medium." This movie has been screened at The National Gallery of Art, The Museum of Modern Art and The Smithsonian.One of HDFEST's key goals is to encourage independent high-definition filmmaking and enthusiasm for digital cinema.One of HDFEST's key goals is to encourage independent high-definition filmmaking and enthusiasm for digital cinema. HDFEST Los Angeles will have a variety of panel discussions focusing in on HD moviemaking. At HDFEST Los Angeles there will be a special focus on education concerning the new HDV format including the panel discussions "Achieving Great Results with HDV: A Inside Look at Mojave Phone Booth" moderated by Director/Editor John Putch, and "Surviving the Low End of HD: Issues and Solutions for HDV" moderated by Apple-Certified Trainer Larry Jordan. Many award winning high-definition filmmakers will also be in attendance at HDFEST Los Angeles to discuss their work and answer audience questions.

Lead Sponsors

HDFEST lead sponsors this year include Dolby Laboratories, Avid and Production Update Magazine. HDFEST 2006 Sponsors also include Baraka Post Production, Santa Monica Video, Entertainment Partners, Final Draft, Footage Firm, Revolution Stock Media, Mammoth HD, Forman Hi Definition Screening Room, SYPHA, and MovieMaker Magazine. "We at HDFEST are pleased to be returning for our second year at Dolby Laboratories in Burbank," festival director Issac Alexander said. "Last year the presentation quality during HDFEST Los Angeles was nothing short of spectacular. The upcoming festival is a rare opportunity for film festival attendees to witness firsthand what cinema's future holds in terms of sight and sound.”

Event Location and Information

Dolby Laboratories' Larry Umlang Presentation Theatre II is located at 3601 Alameda Avenue in Burbank. Tickets for HDFEST Los Angeles are $12 for screening sequences and $15 for admission to panel discussions. Advance ticket reservation through HDFEST's website is recommended; however, tickets will also be available for sale at the door on the days of the event. For more information, visit contact