a bill miller
Since 2006
Works in Altoona, Pennsylvania United States of America

A. Bill Miller, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, at Penn State Altoona. He earned his MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. H also served as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and as an Instructor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His nationally and internationally exhibited works include his acclaimed Gridworks Project, which comprises abstract ASCII drawings, ink drawings, animated GIFs, and video elements.

A. Bill Miller can be found at: http://www.master-list2000.com/abillmiller

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Long Exposure Photos of Video War Games (2001-2002) - Rosemarie Fiore

Its interesting to look at these in relationship to the individual frames of animation as a sort of onion-skin - as if what you are seeing is an entire sequence of frames at once. From there you can start to see the cell or pixel level of the screen over time. In particular seeing the paths/trails of the "bullets" and forced perspective are beautiful. Not sure what I"m getting at - HIgh Five!!!!


Days of Our Lives (2009) - Restless People

I saw this posted somewhere else yesterday, but they didn't link the actual video, thanks - because I wanted to see it


_=- Seascape (2010) - Elna Frederick

srsly, computers club has been really great


deal with it

Brandon Bauer & I have been doing a pdf zine for about a year now. Our most recent issue, released this week, features content captured from dump.fm and jogging. You can check it out here: