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A. Bill Miller, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, at Penn State Altoona. He earned his MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. H also served as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and as an Instructor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His nationally and internationally exhibited works include his acclaimed Gridworks Project, which comprises abstract ASCII drawings, ink drawings, animated GIFs, and video elements.

A. Bill Miller can be found at: http://www.master-list2000.com/abillmiller

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future potentials for ascii art

i forgot to post this here, but am doing it now... i thought that maybe some of you would be interested. this is a web release of a paper that anders carlsson (goto80) and i wrote a little over a year ago. there is other info about the paper and its publication on the page.

Future Potentials For ASCII Art : http://chipflip.org/06

ASCII art is a text-based expression that traditionally is concerned with remediating images, words and objects. The paper describes its historical connections to poetry, programming, literature and hacking and defines ASCII art as a genre, consisting of several categories. The authors identify a number of movements towards novel forms of ASCII art that explore medium specific characteristics for drawing, design, advertising and conceptual art. The authors also argue that the popularity of digital media, which for example leads to scarcity in URLs, increases the potential for ASCII art to play a more active


Emoticon, Emoji, Text II: Just ASCII

philip - i'd love to talk more! i agree, there are connections to dada, concrete poetry/visual poetry for sure. i also think there are connections to algorithmic writing like oulipo. i've done some research to try to pull these things together a bit. i can share the paper i wrote with GOTO80 last year if you're interested.

also, was having a conversation last week about some of this and found on Vuk Cosic's site: http://www.ljudmila.org/~vuk/ascii/vuk_eng.htm
which i think also draws some similar conclusions.

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Emoticon, Emoji, Text II: Just ASCII

In general, a really interesting overview - thanks for posting about ASCII art. It might be nice to consider Dick Higgins' book Pattern Poetry for some more deep historical references.


New Release: RCP.ML2K.PDF Issue 13

Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:30 - Wed Oct 31, 2012

Issue 13 Summer 2012 "ROCKETS REDGLARE"

Now entering its 4th year!!!
RCP.ML2K.PDF is a PDF webzine available for download online. The project explores image circulation, as well as the fluid and adaptable nature of images in the digital environment. It explores the contextual nature of collaged images and image sequences. The project was developed with the intent to create an artwork that participates in the gift economy of file sharing. This project is a collaboration between A. Bill Miller of Master-List 2000 and Brandon Bauer of Random Cultural Productions.


speed show : extra credit

Thu Apr 05, 2012 15:00 - Thu Apr 05, 2012

Altoona, Pennsylvania
United States of America

A unique internet art exhibition will be held Thursday, April 5, from 3- 5 p.m. in 115 of the Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts at Penn State Altoona.

Produced by assistant professor of visual arts studies A. Bill Miller, Speed Show will feature eighteen internationally recognized internet artists who were tasked with creating a Web-based response to the following question: What is "Internet"? Their responses and submissions make up the exhibition.

Each piece will be presented on its own work station within Penn State Altoona’s Visual Arts Studies lab. The lab will become a space filled with participants in two roles: artists working individually within the larger connections of the Internet and exhibition visitors surfing those spaces. Viewers may also visit the exhibition Web site at www.master-list2000.com/speedshowextracredit.html to see details and artist information.

The Speed Show exhibition series was conceived by Berlin artist Aram Bartholl in June 2010