Aaron Higgins
Since 2009
Works in Tulsa, Oklahoma United States of America

Aaron Higgins is presently serving as visiting Assistant Professor of Animation and Motion Graphics at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. Aaron enjoys teaching at the collegiate level and offers a comprehensive repertoire that covers beginning Fundamentals to advanced Digital Imaging and Animation. Empowering his students with the skills to think critically and communicate concepts about their art to others, Higgins fosters a learning environment that encourages experimentation and invention.

Aaron has collaborated with Scenic Designers to create video projections for sets at the Indiana University Opera Theatre and the Ruth N. Halls Theatre. He has also collaborated with artists such as Jawshing Arthur Liou, creating sound compositions for some of his recent video installations.

As a solo exhibitor, Aaron has begun to expand his reach and is pursuing opportunities to showcase his video installations in gallery spaces and non traditional venues. His works have traveled nationally and internationally, including exhibitions in Chicago, Houston, Georgia; and film and media festivals in Sweden, and The Netherlands.