A. Andreas, given name Andreas Maria Jacobs (NL 1956) is an artist, writer and editor, studied physics and mathematics at the University of Amsterdam NL, electronic and computer music at the State University Utrecht NL and holds a BSc. in software engineering, University of Applied Sciences - The Hague NL.

Among his works are
- La Resocialiste - Edicion Internacional 2010,
- Ors Vibranter Wurld 2008,
- Creative Resistance - New Media as Soft Arms 2007,
- Semantic Disturbances 2005,
- Fiat Lux 2005 and
- Gerausche aus der Helle 1989.

His pieces have appeared in
- Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2, 2010
- /seconds issue #11, 2009
- Hyperhiz #5, Winter 2008
- Web del Sol, eScene #34 2008
- New River Journal (Fall, 2007)
- Nictoglobe (Volume 14 Issue 3, 2005)


As online agent for the Brahamian Intelligence Service internationally being performed at various festivals and clubs.

(Self)published essays in:
- project.Arnolfini (UK 2008),
- (Serbia 2007),
- MetaMute (UK 2007) among others.

He is publisher/editor of Nictoglobe magazine, ISSN 1874-9534, online since 1986!.

An irregular contributor to Poetry Kessel-Lo Belgium, Theory and Wryting, Netbehaviour and more mailinglists.

A. Andreas is currently working as a free-lanced software engineer. He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Walkenried, Germany with Judith V. and their 3 children. More of their work can be found at Nictoglobe.
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Update 'Semantic Disturbances' A. Andreas

Hi All,

Semantic Disturbances is updated with the following items:

Mysticism,Grace and Scripture.



A. Andreas - editor v/h Nictoglobe


Update Semantic Disturbances

Update Semantic Disturbances.


Update Semantic Disturbances/A.Andreas/v/h Nictoglobe

Update Semantic Disturbances. - A.Andreas

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Cinema Be Once/ Gallery Etna/TimeIsArt - Amsterdam 15 11 05

}|{ Donderdagavond 15 December 2005 - Galerie Etna/TimeIsArt presenteert:}|{

Cinema Be Once:

met :

18:30Eten met Prabodh - Numerologic Soulfood a E 3,50
21:00Voorprogramma: Previewing God's Blink- The Brahamian Intellicence Service
21:30Johan Andreas der Mouw - gedichten, gelezen door A. Andreas & Hero Werkman
22:00Hoofdfilm: Crash van David Cronenberg
23:30‘Scnellzeit ohne Grenze’: Matis Yahu, Music for the Bohemian Masses

Galerie Etna/TImeIsArt
Rapenburgerstraat 159