A. Andreas, given name Andreas Maria Jacobs (NL 1956) is an artist, writer and editor, studied physics and mathematics at the University of Amsterdam NL, electronic and computer music at the State University Utrecht NL and holds a BSc. in software engineering, University of Applied Sciences - The Hague NL.

Among his works are
- La Resocialiste - Edicion Internacional 2010,
- Ors Vibranter Wurld 2008,
- Creative Resistance - New Media as Soft Arms 2007,
- Semantic Disturbances 2005,
- Fiat Lux 2005 and
- Gerausche aus der Helle 1989.

His pieces have appeared in
- Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2, 2010
- /seconds issue #11, 2009
- Hyperhiz #5, Winter 2008
- Web del Sol, eScene #34 2008
- New River Journal (Fall, 2007)
- Nictoglobe (Volume 14 Issue 3, 2005)


As online agent for the Brahamian Intelligence Service internationally being performed at various festivals and clubs.

(Self)published essays in:
- project.Arnolfini (UK 2008),
- (Serbia 2007),
- MetaMute (UK 2007) among others.

He is publisher/editor of Nictoglobe magazine, ISSN 1874-9534, online since 1986!.

An irregular contributor to Poetry Kessel-Lo Belgium, Theory and Wryting, Netbehaviour and more mailinglists.

A. Andreas is currently working as a free-lanced software engineer. He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Walkenried, Germany with Judith V. and their 3 children. More of their work can be found at Nictoglobe.
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Some strategies for a theoretical Web 2.0 Net.Art


As a painter I dislike acrylic on canvas as I do not like the plastic and industrial materiality of it.

But I will not propagate the use of oil on canvas.

The same goes with other media.

Surviving lays in producing works of art, even if they are dead born childs.

Developping strategies is something else than producing works of art.

Being part of a 'new' cultural norm is frightening me and reminds me of other social revolutions which causes the world enormous harm.

So I say no to the dictatorship of interactivity, social web 2.0, user participation.

No more MORTE

So excuse me for offending you,but I think I am a more practical guy.



Some strategies for a theoretical Web 2.0 Net.Art



one should not mistake culture for art.

culture is a very fragile and time bound social phenomenon, a kind of phenomenon that produces things like web 2.0 or internet and racial conflicts for that matter.

art is something more difficult to grasp and has a certain timeless aspect.

their seems to be a tendency , also in other rhizome discussions, to be fooled by this very mistake and as a consequence these discussions produce sound bites [1] which have no particular lasting value.

i will be interested in a distinction between web 2.0 and bewt 0.2 tenart 4117 and not to forget betwen'art zero.
for betwen'art zero is certainly a movement going beyond the social an cultural restrictions internet is posing on its receptors and digestors.

[1] sound bite: A sound bite is an audiolinguistic and social communications phenomenon whose nature was recognized in the late 20th century, helped by people such as Marshall McLuhan. It is characterized by a short phrase or sentence that deftly captures the essence of what the speaker is trying to say. Such key moments in dialogue (or monologue) stand out better in the audience's memory and thus become the "taste" that best represents the entire "meal" of the larger message or conversation. Sound bites are a natural consequence of people placing ever greater emphasis on summarizing ever-increasing amounts of information in their lives. cf.:



Some strategies for a theoretical Web 2.0 Net.Art

I do not believe any of it

Attaching art to a numbering system tied to a niche market thing , does not make sense, or it will be an exaggeration of hollow phrases, with no specific meaning at all.

The point is that you are saying art is dead and what you call post = POST MORTEM as in DEATH

So even WEB eternal numbering , lets call it KAPPA , is dead as WELL

Lets celebrate that instead of chewing as a cow on dead words




I recognise MANIK as international NMA's (New Media Artists)

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Andreas Jacobs


Update Nictoglobe Summer 2008

Mon Jun 09, 2008 00:00 - Mon Jun 09, 2008

Update Nictoglobe Summer 2008

Digital Readymades
A Re-Presentation of Pre-Existing Media

The ideology of new art is flawed in the sense that, in general,
all art is simply rehashing, recreating, re-presenting something
that existed previously.

This phenomena is seen most clearly when viewing works of digital art.
Appropriation becomes an art form as old news becomes new again.

The following works present a way of looking at things,
which you may have seen before, differently.

Curated by Austin, from Rhizome, member curated exhibitions.

Remix of 'it smells like pop' Mark Amerika
Essay about Avant Pop - for the uninitiated a must read!

Traveling North - Bobbi Lurie
Beautiful poem by way of Theory & Wryting

Ors Vibranter Wurld - a poeticum in 317/29 words - A. Andreas
New Netart Pieces

More ...



A. Andreas

Editor Nictoglobe Online since 1986!