William Mwazi
Since 2008
Works in United States of America

William Mwazi is a New York based artist, who holds an MFA in Panting, Drawing and Sculpture from the New York Academy of Art and a BFA in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute. The capacity to be more than human is a thread that ties Mwazi's work together, and hopefully inspires viewers to remember our potential and to strive for more. His paintings idealize the conventional portrait by communicating context and emotion, that is layered with color, energy, environment, and tradition. "I feel that people and events from history are the stepping stones to the future, and it is my focus that my paintings spark interest in others to seek out the stories of our history's extraordinary characters". He has exhibited at Repetti Gallery in Long Island City, NY; Gallery Affero, Newark, New Jersey; Rush Arts Gallery, NY, NY. Mwazi has an established history of exhibiting work in various media (paintings, photo art, murals) in NYC and the surrounding areas, as well as in Miami, FL and Italy. Huffingtonpost ~ William Mwazi turns celebrities into superheroes...http://ning.it/wk0ddI