I am a Melbourne based artist and musician, who performs in the bands Love of Diagrams and Beaches. I have also recently completed a Masters (by research) at RMIT. My ongoing art project involves and exploration into the multiple combinations that may be created using a simple system of modular tessellation. I explore the varying warpages, visual pathways and spatial distortions that may occur from the use of a system which remains at the same time, both concrete and intuitive. I arrange and assemble my work in a variety of different architectural spaces and am also interested in these way these spaces may intervene with the way art work functions. Rigourous documentation of the serialty of my work (capturing the serial additions and substractions to each piece as it goes along) has helped me unpack my research outcomes thus far. Areas of current and future research practice also include, geometric abstraction and the role of intuition and choice in creative fields such as music and art.