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Sun Oct 02, 2011 19:30 - Sun Oct 02, 2011

Brooklyn, New York
United States of America


Sunday, October 2 at 7:30pm
UnionDocs: 322 Union Ave., Brooklyn NY
$9 suggested donation
Caspar Stracke and artist/writer Jim Supanick in attendance for discussion.

GATEWAY (entrance loop)
Clipped from a short documentary on the annual taxidermists convention in Springfield, Illinois, originally produced by Dominique
Gradenwitz for German TV Sat 1, re-edited.
PROXIMITY (bubble version)
The viewer faces a wall of 128 bright illuminated spheres, floating
in a virtual space. They can be perceived three-dimensionally. In
moments of emitting maximum brightness, the halo of these light sources  create visual connections between the spheres similar to bonding oil bubbles in lava-lamps. All of them are in minimal movement like air bubbles, slightly changing shape.
The Kubrick Space is curved. This tape is the attempt to decipher the
enigma of Kubrick’s uncanny camera movement through a self contracting space: The rooms and corridors of Shining’s Overlook hotel. This work is also the product of an ill-driven machine of the 70′s. It was created by an old RCA videodisc player that was modified and now mimes a deconstructive editing style. All edit decisions were made by this machine alone. The maker became a mere observer – who just assembled the goodies. Retro-structuralism by accident.
Los Angeles out of Mexico City; London out of New Delhi; Hong Kong out of Istanbul.
DOPPEL (mono)
Rong Xiang is a work on architectural replicas, piracy and
its political consequences. It is a comparison of LeCorbusier’s chapel
Notre Dame Du Haut in Ronchamp, France with its exact replica in
Zhengzhou, Henan province East China. The work further compares
LeCorbusier’s human-scale informed “Modulor” concept with ancient Tao
philosophy of Confucius and master builders of the Han dynasty. The
Ronchamp replica in Zhengzhou is now a legend – it was short lived,
erected in 1994 and demolished in 2006 after a three year lasting
dispute with the “Foundation LeCorbusier” in Paris.
This video documents the archtitecture and life of a new city at its
very initiation -Tianducheng, 20 km north of Hangzhou in Eastern China.
It is a gated community, built from the ground up, which possesses the
slyle of Parisian achitecture, most prominently replicating the Champs
Élysées, including a (slightly scaled) copy of the Eiffel Tower.
COMA EROTIQUE (mostra, in collaboration with G. Monroy)
KULECHOV SUKIYAKI (mostra, in collaboration with G. Monroy) Kuleshov Sukiyaki is based on the music piece “Systole No 2″ from
Interstices by Terre Thaemlitz. It uses this music collage as a
grid for the montage of a particular set of found images.
+COTAS (work-in-progress)
2011, 10 minutes, digital projection