The Unstitute is an Evolving Interactive Environment which consists of a series of makeshift sites and excavations created in the form of a digital burrow. Built to offer challenges to establishment language and practise, The Unstitute creates and curates multi-media digital projects, manifesto writing machines and anarchic web-design as well as supporting up to four online residencies per year and a monthly video-channel as a part of its ongoing Participation programme.

Each department of The Unstitute's virtual building constitutes a series of movements which proliferate into extensions and entrances, holes and dead-ends, annexes and chambers - never singular, absolute, permanent, profound – always plural, temporary, mobile, superficial.

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Final Tovarisch Residency at The Unstitute/CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:20 - Thu Jun 06, 2013

Clear As Mud/Lustig Weil


7th March - 7th June 2013


The final residency in the Tovarisch series (2011-2013) was due to go online today, but unfortunately CAM (Clear As Mud) - the artists' collective once nominated for the prestidgous Beck's Futures art prize - have become insolvent and are now in receivership due to underproduction. That's a sign of the times, as they say.

The administrators Lustig Weil, (sole asset holders,) have very kindly and not at all in the fashion of a predatory finance group agreed to host the residency in order to help the artists reach their creative aspirations and to recover some debt.


Everyone and anyone is invited to submit an application and help restore Clear As Mud to the industry standard. Successful applicants will have their proposals hosted at The Unstitute at a very reasonable rate of interest and at no personal liability.

For more information, please email Gabba Griswold at lustigweil@gmail.com


At The Unstitute: Screening / Last chance to see

Sat Jan 26, 2013 14:00 - Thu Jan 31, 2013

This Saturday, 26th January 1-5pm The Unstitute will be screening the video 'The Protest' at Equations Moving Image Festival:

Studio 15
Kingsgate Workshops trust
110- 116 Kingsgate road
West Hampstead


James Moore's current post-apocalyptic residency is coming to its conclusion on 31st January. If you haven't already taken a walk around his 'Zone', come in...

'Zone Walker':



New content at The Unstitute

Fri Dec 14, 2012 14:45 - Tue Jan 31, 2012

The unFestive season kicks off with further active nihilism in the corridors of The Unstitute:

View recent drawings and animations inside 'The Zone' by our current resident James Moore:

The drawings will form a journal that documents my fictitious wanderings around The Zone. The drawings would picture a series of urban and rural landscapes, industrial waste grounds and so on, and a few characters and creatures.


On the written side of stuff, the Abministrator has posted the following two things in her office:

There's an anonymously posted essay regarding the French gangster film 'Le Cercle Rouge' by Jean-Pierre Melville.


And the manifesto-writing machine has churned out a new text against Idealism.


Or if you just want to wander about and get lost, feel free to do so...


James Moore: Zone Walker / зона ходунки

Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:40 - Thu Jan 31, 2013

James Moore

Zone Walker / зона ходунки

01/11/12 - 31/01/13

Architectural spaces, computer games and photographic realism all play a part in James Moore's work. These paintings all picture something expansive, something concrete, conjured-up from fictional environments, sketches and photographs. One work may depict a virtual space, from an imagined world, while another might show a city park or a building from the real world. The painted scenes are never unbelievable spaces - they always stay close to the real, on the border of fiction.

"My proposal for the residency is to post a series (approx 30) of drawings / paintings on a web page over the course of the residency. The drawings will form a journal that documents my fictitious wanderings around The Zone. The drawings would picture a series of urban and rural landscapes, industrial waste grounds and so on, and a few characters and creatures. I intend to let my mind roam as the journey starts. I have a rough plan of some key locations to draw, but I want to keep the images lively. This also means that the potential for surrealism will be very strong. The images will be based on a mixture of stills from computer games, scenes from a particular novel and real places that I will visit. These physical places add an interesting element, as I will actually start to take on the strange role of the walker in the zone."

To enter, visit www.theunstitute.org and navigate to the Това́рищ (colleagues) room.


Physis - Fragments 1-9: "de Oratore"

Wed Sep 05, 2012 13:40 - Thu Sep 05, 2013

The Unstitute today announced two new episodes to the video project PHYSIS:


Physis - Fragments 1-9
“de Oratore”
(47 min, 2012)


"Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which were deemed unfit for publication. The material was sent to a specialist named CADE; a catatonic who never speaks his own mind. CADE was instructed to translate the letters into VideoForm for the purpose of public dissemination."



Physis - Appendix (a)
(7 min, 2012)


"CADE spends almost all of his time studying the effect of decay on the streets of the Borough of Southwark; some say he is a topologist, but I fancy him for a cartographer of sorts. His study is not limited to the streets themselves however, for he also studies the decay of the people who walk on them. No one knows the exact purpose of his work though, because he is a catatonic and cannot share his thoughts. He can always be found in Cafe Reality on the Old Kent Road, where he collates his research."