The Unstitute is an Evolving Interactive Environment which consists of a series of makeshift sites and excavations created in the form of a digital burrow. Built to offer challenges to establishment language and practise, The Unstitute creates and curates multi-media digital projects, manifesto writing machines and anarchic web-design as well as supporting up to four online residencies per year and a monthly video-channel as a part of its ongoing Participation programme.

With over 2,000 online visitors every month, The Unstitute offers a virtual environment/sandbox for creative experiments/self-empowerment over archaic creative 'Institutions'.

Each department of The Unstitute's virtual building constitutes a series of movements which proliferate into extensions and entrances, holes and dead-ends, annexes and chambers - never singular, absolute, permanent, profound – always plural, temporary, mobile, superficial.

For more information contact us at theunstitute@gmail.com
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'The 1 Up Fever': Now Showing At The Unstitute + Call For Videos

Sat Mar 15, 2014 21:10 - Tue Apr 15, 2014

The Unstitute continues to offer monthly screenings of experimental videos. This month we have the pleasure of presenting an acclaimed video by

Silvia Dal Dosso
'The 1 UP FEVER'

From 15th March to 15th April

"In the Berlin city everyone is going crazy for a viral new app. Anyone with a smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality and win Bitcoins by playing. One coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins. Citizens' habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can spot them just scanning around with your device, not always they are easy to grab."
“My aim was to raise questions: Where is this money coming from? Who are the developers of the game? Why do you think they're giving you money? What are they using your jumping, data-roaming, and geolocation-tracking for?”
From an interview with Motherboard magazine

Watch 'The 1 Up Fever':

* * *


The Projection Room at The Unstitute was created to show experimental video art. Works are selected on the basis of their ability to provoke thought, reaction and engagement on the visual, audible and conceptual levels, whether in a positive or negative fashion. Videos are not selected on the basis of technical merit or aspiration to conventional standards.

Successful works will be screened for one month. Applicants may send as many works as they like - if selected, they will form part of a month-long roster. Your video/s will be promoted via international web channels.

If you would like to apply, please send a link to your video/s to theunstitute@gmail.com


Last days at The Projection Room: Toby Tatum / Call for Submissions

Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:00 - Sat Mar 15, 2014

The Unstitute continues to offer monthly screenings of experimental videos.

Currently screening: 'The Secluded Grove' by Toby Tatum, until 15th March.
'A pastoral dream-zone of autumnal forests and dark abiding groves conjured with the hallucinatory intensity of a death-bed reverie.'

Please view the video: http://theunstitute.org/Projection.Room.html

If you would like to participate in the project, submission details are here:


Toby Tatum at the Projection Room

Sat Feb 15, 2014 15:05 - Sat Mar 15, 2014

New content at The Unstitute:

Now showing in the Projection Room

Toby Tatum
'The Secluded Grove'

15th February-15th March
The Unstitute continues to offer monthly screenings of experimental videos. This month we take pleasure in presenting 'The Secluded Grove' by Toby Tatum.

"A pastoral dream-zone of autumnal forests and dark abiding groves conjured with the hallucinatory intensity of a death-bed reverie"


Current Residency at The Unstitute:

Iain Rayner


Iain Rayner's 3 months residency continues: please view Iain's latest materials, videos and poetry and take an opportunity to make your own object by downloading and assembling artist's cut-out design at the Residency Blog.

The Residency continues until 15th April 2014


New on display in [dis]Corporate Bodies:

Darryl Lauster
The Samuel Gray Society

"The Samuel Gray Society is an autofictional project inspired, in part, by the increasing level of scholarship and activity in the field of Micro-history paired with the increasing level of established journalistic bias and partisan revisionism embedded in our modern media."


New participant at The Unstitute:

Aaron Austin-Glen

'Latitude 25.1971 Longitude 55.2741' - a view from the tallest building can now be viewed from Vidiot.

The Vidiot project connects windows from around the world through which visitors to The Unstitute can look out onto different everyday scenes through their browser window. The Unstitute invites submissions of 3 minute videos from windows. Please view submission details here. The work will remain permanently on display at The Unstitute.


View all current opportunities at The Unstitute:



The Unstitute: [dis]Corporate Bodies Project Launch and call for submissions

Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:50 - Tue Feb 04, 2014

[dis]Corporate Bodies: Undermining the Institution

[dis]Corporate Bodies - a radical new form of interactive archive which aims to subvert the notion of 'The Institution' and proposes to forge new connections in anti-establishment thought and practice.

Current Participants:
Dato Mio (USA)
Ilich Castillo (Equador)
Ralph Klewitz (Borneo)
Sam Stolton (UK)

Please view [dis]Corporate Bodies:http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.html

About the participants:http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.Collaborators.html

If you would like to contribute please view the proposal and submission details: http://theunstitute.org/disCorporate.Bodies.Project.html


The Unstitute - Virtual Residency #2 - Iain Rayner

Wed Jan 15, 2014 22:55 - Tue Apr 15, 2014

The Unstitute is proud to present:

Spatio-Mnemonic Residency #2

Iain Rayner

15 January - 15 April 2014

The second residency term at The Unstitute sees Iain Rayner at the helm, steering his quadpartite research into probability theory, language and bowel movements, each with deft grace.

"There is no specific Speech Act in any of the things I hope to make. In this sense they intersect with reality and not just the world of speech acts and their respective perlocutionary effects, which have a specific teleology.

(Sorry about this, forgive my logorrhoea, it’s done now)"


The Unstitute's unique virtual residency programme is a series of developmental projects engaging with the mobile, shifting web-architecture of The Unstitute. Participants do not 'question the boundaries', (as per the rhetoric of the Art Institution,) but are instead encouraged to create boundaries, objections and impasses, affirming the movement afforded by these obstacles. The Unstitute is a memory palace.

For more information, or to apply for a residency, visit our opportunities page: http://theunstitute.org/Extensions.Residency.html